Aug 29 2011

Ronson Travithik’s pet.

Creator of the nano-clockwork brain, Ronson Travithik bestows the latest in each series on his pet. Originally a simple wind up hopping tin frog, his pet is now as intelligent as he is and helps run the research and development department at Travithik towers.

Custom Jumping Brain toy.
Polyurethane resin, Epoxy resin, Polymer clay, Lead, Rubber, Brass, Copper. In a vintage blown-glass bubble with turned mahogany base and vintage brass key.
6″ tall.

Made for the “Jumping Brain” show at the relocated Art Toy Gallery in LA in September.

Aug 28 2011

Art Pass series 3

That wonderful fellow Matt Jones ( Lunartik ) Has published series three in the popular Art Pass series.
Artist decorated vinyl pass covers for all your travel pass or ID type requirements.
I have a Rupture in this series.

I will have some up on my online store soon.
The other designs can be found on the respective artist’s sites, in good art-toy type stores worldwide and from the Lunartik online store linked above.

Aug 26 2011

Mooncalf out NOW!

The Dapper version of Humphrey Mooncalf is now available from all good online vinyl toy stores.

Including (but not limited too) :
My Plastic Heart
Munky King
Vault of Midnight
Newbury Comics
Screaming Sky Gallery
Somos Media
Tenacious Toys
Atom Plastic

Pep Comics


I will have a small amount of APs available from my online UK store in a few weeks.

They wont be around for long so go hunt one down whilst you can.

Aug 24 2011

Quick and Painful

A friend of mine is organising a series of shows featuring Tattoo art meeting fine art.

Check out the site. Quick and Painful….

This reminded me that a couple of people had my artwork as tattoos…

I dont have any tattoos myself. I think about it now and then but never can settle on anything long enough to commit.
If you have a tattoo of my artwork please do send me a photo, I would love to see it.

Aug 2 2011

Studio Sale This Friday!

I have been having a sort out in my studio and clearing through some cupboards and boxes and decided to sell off some of the stuff I have knocking around.

Most of it is from my work pre art-toy days. Older sculpture work in various forms from finished display pieces to resin “Kit”characters, jewellery and whatnot.
There will be some original sculpts, toy prototypes and  general bargains.

Stop by my online store this Friday ( 5th August ) at 6pm UK time and pick up something unique.

Aug 1 2011

Toy Collection

I have finally got around to fitting some lights in my main toy cabinet. It make a huge difference. I can actually see whats in there now, which is nice.
(click pics to enbiggen!)

Tim Burton toy  collection

Astro boy model

Mazinger robot toys