Feb 11 2015

Mourning Mooncalf

Coming jolly soon, a very limited edition, hand painted version of the Pobber production figure Humphrey Mooncalf.

I painted six Mourning Mooncalfs in the black, purple and tarnished silver colours which have become an ongoing series in their own right.
In addition each has been given a neck tie to complete the outfit.

Signed on the underside and numbered in an embossed fashion on the rear of each 8″ tall piece, Humphrey comes in his usual box with FREE worldwide tracked shipping.

“Humphrey Mooncalf had a reoccurring problem with his Travithick No. 4 Nano-clockwork brain.
Repeated trips to the watch-smith proved a great success.
The pain held at bay by loosening his cranial rivets.
This however means that he can no longer look up.
Such a shame, as he does so love the moon”

Available from my online store on Friday 13th February at 6pm UK time.

MourningMooncalfFisheyeLorez MourningMooncalfFrontBackLorez

MourningMooncalfSigilLorez MourningMooncalfPoseLorez MourningMooncalfNumberLorez MourningMooncalfHatFrontBackLorez

Feb 1 2012

Green Sunday

This Sunday the 5th of February sees the first of the Enamelled Bella DeLamere Mechtorian badges go on sale on my online store.

And the same day will see the release of the Humphrey Mooncalf Leprechaun edition APs too.


So that’s two great reasons to put a few minutes aside to drop by the Mechtorian Online shop this Sunday.

Jan 8 2012

Mooncalf Japan launch

The 5th and final Humphrey Mooncalf is on sale NOW at Tomenosuke in Japan.

This splendid green “Leprechaun” edition is limited to only 70 pieces and retails for $100.
This is the rareast Mooncalf of the lot. Go get one whilst you can..

Jan 4 2012


The fifth and final version of Humphrey Mooncalf will go on sale at Tomenosuke in Japan on the 8th of January.
This dashing green edition is limited to only 70 pieces.

Find out more info on their splendid blog.

Dec 15 2011

Mooncalf APs

My shipment of Mooncalf toys has arrived.

Humphrey Mooncalf Vinyl art toy by Pobber and Doktor A.

Watch my online store for updates on AP sales coming soon-ish.


Edit :

Regular and Verdegris go on sale at 6pm (UK time) Monday 26th Dec.

Nov 2 2011

Mooncalf at Designer Con

The “Nocturnal” edition Mooncalf will be available from 3D Retro at Designer Con this Satruday in Pasadena.
The black, grey and GLOW-IN-THE-DARK fellow is limited to 100 pieces… Get them signed my me too as I will be at the show on the Circus Posterus stand…….

Oct 10 2011

The Entertainer in New York……..


The newest colorway of mine and Pobber’s Humphrey Mooncalf will be available at NYCC at the myplasticheart booth #879.
In an outragous red and black three-legged suit, the “Entertainer” edition of this moon-loving gentleman robot stands 8″ and is limited to 100 pieces at $95 each.

Oct 1 2011


Aug 26 2011

Mooncalf out NOW!

The Dapper version of Humphrey Mooncalf is now available from all good online vinyl toy stores.

Including (but not limited too) :
My Plastic Heart
Munky King
Vault of Midnight
Newbury Comics
Screaming Sky Gallery
Somos Media
Tenacious Toys
Atom Plastic

Pep Comics


I will have a small amount of APs available from my online UK store in a few weeks.

They wont be around for long so go hunt one down whilst you can.

Jul 16 2011


Humphry Mooncalf – Dapper Edition
Will be on display at the DKE Toys booth at San Diego Comic Con.

DKE Toys (booth #4728)

There have been a few improving tweeks since these photos of the prototype were taken. Drop by and check him out.