Sep 22 2013

The Necromancer



Resin Lifesized Human Skeleton, Acrylic, Steel,  Epoxy, Vintage draughtsman’s instruments, Rubber, Lead, Vintage clock key, Vintage wooden base. 23″ tall by 24″ by 14″


The Necromancer uses for arcane artistry to animate the dead…
Created for the Monsters & Misfits III group show in Japan.

The original inspiration. A scroll painting by Utagawa Kuniyoshi from the 1800’s.



NecromancerRightLorez NecromancerLeftTurnLorez NecromancerLeftLorez NecromancerFigureLorez NecromancerFrontLeftLorez NecromancerFrontLorez NecromancerFrontRightLorez NecromancerFigureLeftLorez NecromancerFigureBackLorez



Dec 10 2012

Work In Progress



Working, working, working.. New pieces begin taking shape for my two man show with Chet Zar at Stranger Factory new May.

Jun 21 2012

Work In Progress

Its full steam ahead for me right now with works for my New York solo show at My Plastic Heart in October..

And here is a rare “Work in Progress” photo from me.. I generally dont let people peek behind my curtain…

work in progress

Feb 18 2012

Better late than never

Look what arrived today..

My Designer Toy Award for best customiser of the year 2011…
It’s so shiney! And HUGE!

Thanks to everyone at Clutter and everyone who voted for me..

Jan 12 2012

The Critic

Oscar Lynchworthy

Constructed without limbs Oscar was a surly child.
He riled against the world feeling sidelined in his inability to do just about anything.
His parents offered to purchase appendages for him, but he adamantly remained in his self imposed funk.
His bitterness grew and festered for many years until one day he had an awakening.
A calling, a purpose, a vocation beckoned.
He would become a critic!

Styrene, Epoxy resin, Vinyl, Lead, Glass, Steel, Rubber, Vintage clockwork key.
16″ tall.

Created for the “Conjoined II” sculpture show curated by Chet Zar opening at the Copro Gallery in Santa Monica California on the 21st of january.

Dec 29 2011


It’s odd!
As an artist one produces hundreds, even thousands of works over the years. Each new piece surpassing the previous in technical ability and finess ( one hopes) and it’s nice when people pick up on what you are doing and appreciate the ongong evolution of your artistic world. But getting people to take notice is the hard part…

And then you do the odd little throw away idea things for fun, for yourself, on a whim…… and people go crazy for it!

A pair of sunglasses I made for myself back in the late 1980’s/early 90’s inspired by the paintings of H.R. Giger has suddenly started doing the rounds on the worlds Blogs..

For all the people who want to know.. No I dont manufacture them. They were a one-off pair made for fun.
I recently gave them to my friend Shinji  (Tomenosuke)  in Japan as he has a huge Sci-Fi Movie memorabilia collection and though these are not from any actual movie they do have that 1980’s sci-fi vibe and I though he would get a kick out of them.

He blogged them and then Jeremy Brautman picked up on them on his blog…. and then they were off..

H.R.Giger Safety pin sunglasses

H.R.Giger safety pin sun glasses
( For anyone interested they are made with heat formed acrylic sheet (smoked), Epoxy resin, polyurethane tube and appropriated steel sunglasses arms..)

So, sorry to anyone who has come to my websites looking for them or more Giger type stuff.. That is all there is…
But I hope you stick around and enjoy my own work..

Oct 1 2011


Sep 16 2011


Did you know I have a FaceBook page?

Come “Like” me…


Sep 7 2011

A Good Day

Today was a very good day!
It was my sixth wedding anniversary. The best six years of my life.. Actually its been a great eight years, but we have only been married for six.
Bryony is a constant support in everything I do. A critical eye, and a level head. And in all honesty the source of some of “my” better ideas…
I could not do without her…. At all!

And she buys me awesome stuff..
Today I got this :

It’s a rather splendid pen I have been coveting for some years.
I think it looks like Nikoli Tesla’s sonic screwdriver.
It is in fact the “Cooler” designed by Eric Magnussen and released by Acme in 2004. Quite sort after now I believe. Its hand turned steel (or possibly Aluminium).. Very nice to write with, though it will now be my sketching pen, so look out for it at signings..

Also today I had this arrive :

It’s a new lamp for my work desk. It’s a 1950’s Jilde lamp from France. Originally designed as machine work lamps for lathes and suchlike they have become quite the design classic. Modern versions are mini copies of the originals (made since the 1940’s) with colourful powder coatings.. I went searching for an original because I am awkward like that and wanted something with a bit of patina to it. It’s huge and very articulated. And this one seems to be bolted to a disk brake. Originally it would have been wall mounted and I intend to rig it up above my work desk on the support beam which runs across the room.. Needs a bit of rewiring first as its French rigged right now with a two pin plug..

So not strictly a “Victorian” man as some people may have thought. But I do love a good bit of industrial design.

Aug 24 2011

Quick and Painful

A friend of mine is organising a series of shows featuring Tattoo art meeting fine art.

Check out the site. Quick and Painful….

This reminded me that a couple of people had my artwork as tattoos…

I dont have any tattoos myself. I think about it now and then but never can settle on anything long enough to commit.
If you have a tattoo of my artwork please do send me a photo, I would love to see it.