May 16 2007

May Newsletter.

I am sad to say that for the time being Doktor A will not be accepting toy commission work. He has a large backlog of pieces to work through and feels that the long wait which new customers would be forced to endure would be unacceptable at this time. Toys and paintings will be available from time to time in shows and from the Spookypop online shop. Sorry for any disappointment this may cause. Normal service will hopefully be resumed some time in the future.

And the first of those shows is coming up very soon. Both in May and early June.. And all in the U, S of A.
If you can get along to any in person then please do and if you cant then check out the gallery’s websites for coverage.

Vinyl Elements ( )

Love customs? Vinyl do, so they put together Vinyl Elements — a custom show featuring over 50 top-flight artists with a strong mix of international talent. The show goes opens Thursday, May 17th at Barracuda on Melrose Avenue LA, from 7 to 10pm. For ONE NIGHT ONLY!
The name of the show refers to the five elements that the ancient Chinese believed the world was created from — Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth. The works are over a large selection of toy platforms and Doktor A has created a Metal based piece through the re-working of a Touma Knucklebear figure entitled “Anubis”.

Barracuda ( )
7600B Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA

Art Toy Alchemists

A group show of customised toys from around the globe. Anything goes in this the first of Artifact Unmundane’s art shows. Vinyl, plush and goodness knows what else from 50 toy mashing wizards.
Doktor A has produced a steam-punk inspired Tamo figure for the event called “The Hand Cranked Maiden”.
June 2nd, 6 to 9pm (show runs until June 17th)

Artifact Unmundane ( )
1170 N. Richfield Rd.
CA 92807

Cereal Killers

The Monkeyhouse Toy Gallery in L.A hosts this group art show inspired by all thing breakfast cereal related.. Artists from all over the globe present original artworks inspired by their nutritious morning repast. Doktor A. presents his unique vision of “Snap, Crackle and Pop”. Three sinister little chaps you would not want to fall out of a cereal packet.. All artworks will be available for purchase at the show and from the gallery website afterwards. The show was curated by Bil Betsovic.
Reception: June 9th – 20th (4pm – 8pm)

Monkeyhouse Toys & art gallery ( )
1618 1/2 silverlake blvd.
L.A.Ca 90026

Giant Zlik show coverage
The Giant Zliks show last month at My Plastic heart in new York was a huge success.
There are some pictures and write ups in these here links. Check them out if you missed it.

Seen: Attack of the 19 In. Zliks

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