May 29 2011

Creepy little Spayd

A quick snap I took in my studio last night of my Amanda Spayd piece.
She was looking delightfully creepy so I took a moment to capture it so I could share.

Amanda Louise Spayd Dust Bunny

May 25 2011

Plush Rupture Cavey

Holly over at “A Little Stranger” has done a splendid job of making a one of a kind Rupture Cavey plush toy as part of the Hey Cavey birthday party celebrations.
A bunch of UK artists designed a unique little huggy pal and Holly whipped them all up.
They are now all up for auction over HERE.
Only 24 hours to run…. dont miss them.

May 25 2011

Oh No DoooooooooooM!

So looking forward to this show.
Oh No Doom Gallery Chicago July 9th with Lana Crooks, Amanda Spayd and Chris Ryniak….
I have worked on collaborative pieces with both Chris and Amanda for this show too…..

May 24 2011

Work in Progress

I dont usually post work-in-progress photos.
But this was a funny little moment which needed sharing……..

May 9 2011

New Dimensions New York

Meet Carter P.
My piece in the New Dimensions group sculpture show at Bold Hype Gallery New York.
547 W 27th St, 5th Floor New York, NY 10001
May 12th –  June 4th

Full artist line up is :
Colin Christian, Chet Zar, Martin Wittfooth, Chris Ryniak, Doktor A, Andrew Bell, Jason Freeny, Amanda Spayd, and Douglas Hoffman.