May 7 2013

Bradley Chloride



Bradley plays with emotions.
He manipulates them to his own ends, mixing pleasure with regret, Inspiration with fear and joy with disappointment.
He mixes and blends emotional cocktails looking for something unexpected and interesting. he sometimes gets the blues, but only in bottled form.



Vinyl, Epoxy, Brass, Lead, Wood,  Vintage glass lab flasks.
Mounted on a wooden shelf display.
Figure 7.5″ tall.
Display 16″ wide by 14″ tall

Part of the “Oddfellows” show at Stranger Factory.

ChlorideSideLorez ChlorideBackLorez BradleyChlorideBottlesLorez BottlesOnDisplayLorez


May 7 2013

Erasmus Kipple



Where there’s muck there’s Brass.. Or so the saying goes. It proved true for Erasmus. Mistaken for dead and ejected to a scrap heap, he slowly recovered and began to rebuild his broken body from that lay around him. Exchanging his steam drive for a clockwork one allowed him to go without fuel and cut another tie to his dependence on society. He dropped out for a while, scavenging the heaps, organising and cataloguing. Then he returned with a new and successful venture. Forging an innovative line in reclaimation yards which became a new trend among the middle classes.



ABS, Vinyl, Epoxy, Steel, Lead, Rubber, Found Objects, Vintage Brass Winding Key. On a vintage gilded wood and velvet base.10″ tall.

Part of the “Oddfellows” Show at Stranger Factory.

KippleBackLorez KippleFrontRightLorez


May 7 2013

Tiberius Shutterbug



The new science of Photography heralds a fresh artistic era.
One in which the everyman can create images as beautiful as any trained painter.
Why hire a professional when with the simple application of basic equipment anyone can take their own pictures.
A popular idea not shared by Tiberius.
Anyone may be able to click off a few snap shots. But it takes great skill to make truly great images.
Just dont get him started on the advantages of photographs over paintings.



Vinyl, ABS, Epoxy, Lead, Brass, Copper, Rubber, Paper, Aluminium, Found objects and Vintage Draughtsman’s instruments. On a vintage wooden base. (Comes with 33 small faux vintage photographs).
13″ tall.

In the “Oddfellows” show at Stranger Factory.




ShutterburgTeaserLorez ShutterburgBirdyLorez ShutterburgCloseNightLorez ShutterbugFrontRightLorez ShutterbugBackLorez



May 6 2013

Weatherspoon’s Day Spa



Once part of a larger factory building the original wave of Mechtorians, Mr. Weatherspoon was the first to see the sense in offering a new sort of service to the growing population. His establishment caters for the wealthier members of society who want a bit of a brush up and a re-fresh. His team of professional craftsmen can offer a wide range of upgrades or refurbishments to suit any need or desire. From simple lube job to relieve those little twinges to a total body remodel to meet the needs of ever changing fashions. Fast, discreet and hygienic.



ABS, Vinyl, Epoxy, Brass, Lead, Rubber, Paper, Found Objects. In a Vintage wooden miniature building.

A 360 degree viewable “Playset” containing one main figure and seven smaller characters which can be placed around the structure.
13″ wide by 36″ tall.



WrenchLorez WelderMechLorez ToolsLorez TinsAndBottleLorez PainterVistaLorez PicnicLeftLorez PressureWheelHatchLorez TashPullyLorez HammerMechLorez GearPanelLorez GafferLorez ChimneyLuggerLorez DaySpaWorkersLorez DrawingBoardLorez BigMechBackLorez










Apr 16 2013

Teaser for Oddfellows



The first teaser of my work for the Oddfellows show opening May 3rd….

Apr 16 2013




May the 3rd sees the opening of my next gallery show at Stranger Factory in Albuquerque.
A two hander with dark art meastro extrordinaire Chet Zar.

Drop the gallery an email if you want to get on the email previews list to possibly purchase a piece.


Dec 10 2012

Work In Progress



Working, working, working.. New pieces begin taking shape for my two man show with Chet Zar at Stranger Factory new May.

Oct 5 2011


“Bewitching” the Halloween show at Stranger Factory opens this Friday.

The preview of the show is up online at the gallery’s website..

Check out all the splendid classic Halloween goodness.
Including a couple of little fellows of my own.

Sep 20 2011

Halloween’s a comin!

“Trick & Treat”

Customised “Trikky” toys by Kidrobot.
Vinyl, Rubber, lead, Epoxy resin, Polymer clay, Brass Vintage clockwork keys and vintage silver trident.
5″ tall each.

For the Bewitching show at Stranger Factory, October.

Jun 1 2011

The Stanger Factor