Mar 15 2007

New York New York…..

Guess who gets to mess about with a 19″ Zlik for this upcoming show in the Big Apple?

Mar 14 2007

Adventures Part 1 “Munny Shot”

So the weekend before last we ventured down to Bristol for a bunch of shows I have work in.. And its taken me until now to get around to writing it up..
On the Sunday at the “Tobacco Factory” there was “Munny Shot”. This was some 200 Munny toys all customised and up on view in a huge room with Dj’s, Vj’s and all sorts of artists.
I did this little chap :

He’s called “Sepia” and he is one of many up for auction for charity.. The action runs during the show until the end of March so get on over to the Ik’sentrik website at and click on the Munny Shot or “Doktor A” links to place a bid and see all the others available.

MunShotMunnyShelf2Lorez MunShotMunnyShelf1Lorez MunShotTriclopsDJLorez

Running at the same time next door was another show called “Higher Court”. Due to some hiccup with the venue a lot of the pieces at this show had to be shunted in with the Munny show next door so it was a little hard to see some of the toy pieces but it did mean that myself and PlaysKewl (a very talented graphic artist from the Netherlands ) had a mini join show of our artworks.

HighCourtArtAndDecksLorez HighCourtPKartLorez

The red walls set the canvases off really well I think.
Better pictures of my pieces are now up on my website in the PAINT section so go and have a look..

Anyway back in the main room I met the splendid Sket-One a graffiti artists and toy designer from New York.

MunShotSketDrawLorez MunShotSketDokLorez
Thats him and me drawing in peoples sketchbooks, which was a feature of the night. Its odd being asked to drak something on demand by people you have never met before. I lost track of how many doodles I did in books, on posters, t-shirts and toys… It was very surreal. Producing artwork in a nightclub situation, with vary little light and a few beers… I dont think I really screwed up on any though…

MunShotLunPKPoseLorez MunShotLunPKPose2Lorez
This is Mr. PlaysKewl (Right) and the splendid Mr.Lunartik ( ) acting all tough!

And this is the equally splendid Mr.Huck Gee (also from New York ) and Miranda, editor of Clutter magazine… They were in full on party mode…

There were many other artists in attendance but I didnt get to chat with that many people as I was drawing a lot of the time and so also didnt get many more photos..

The following night was another show just down the road.. But thats another post..