Jul 22 2014




A series of six unique customised mini Android vinyl toys. Each with auto-articulated head motion. Turn the gear on the chest to rotate the head. Each one is made from an official Google Android vinyl toy from DYZplastic, designed by Andrew Bell. 3″ tall, Vinyl, Acrylic, Laser etched MDF, Lead, Brass winding key.
Each one is signed and numbered on the bottom by Doktor A.

GearDroidGroupLorez GearDroidFrontBackSafariLowfi

GearDroid6SafariLorez GearDroid5SafariLorez GearDroid4SafariLorez GearDroid3SafariLorez GearDroid2SafariLorez GearDroid1SafariLorez

Mar 23 2011

Who is this who is coming?

Feb 8 2011

Rupture for all

Series 2 of the Android toys is out in March and Doktor A has a Rupture design in the set. And this time he will be easily available to all, not a super rare “Chase” likt the previous Rupture toy. Drop on over to Andrew Bells Dyzplastics website for details on the whole range.

Apr 18 2007

Zlik show tomorrow night

A little teaser from you….

The “My Plastic Heart” store in New York is hosting the “Attack of the Zliks” custom art-toy show on Friday the 20th of April (from 6 – 9pm). (See earlier post for flier..)
Ten artists from around the world have each customised a giant 19″ tall version of the popular Zlik toy created by Andrew Bell. Doktor A has unleashed a huge chunk of riveted death for the occasion with one of his largest toy pieces to date for his first show in the big apple. So get on down to Manhattan this weekend and check out the spectacle of giant resin worms tampered with by top underground artists.
The show runs for a month.
See http://www.myplasticheart.com for more info. Images from the event will be online after the opening night.

Mar 15 2007

New York New York…..

Guess who gets to mess about with a 19″ Zlik for this upcoming show in the Big Apple?