Jan 27 2012

Sneek Peek.

Something New and Ruptured coming this way soon……………….

Jan 23 2012

Oh Bella!

Sunday the 5th of February sees the next character in the Mechtorian badge series go on sale.

Bella DeLamere is here for your sartorial delight.
This is the first of four iterations of this retrobotic femme fatale.
An antiqued Brass and Green combination.

The design is limited to 100 pieces and comes carded and bagged.
In a slight change to the previous releases each badge is engraved on the back with it’s own number.

Jan 12 2012

The Critic

Oscar Lynchworthy

Constructed without limbs Oscar was a surly child.
He riled against the world feeling sidelined in his inability to do just about anything.
His parents offered to purchase appendages for him, but he adamantly remained in his self imposed funk.
His bitterness grew and festered for many years until one day he had an awakening.
A calling, a purpose, a vocation beckoned.
He would become a critic!

Styrene, Epoxy resin, Vinyl, Lead, Glass, Steel, Rubber, Vintage clockwork key.
16″ tall.

Created for the “Conjoined II” sculpture show curated by Chet Zar opening at the Copro Gallery in Santa Monica California on the 21st of january.

Jan 8 2012

Mooncalf Japan launch

The 5th and final Humphrey Mooncalf is on sale NOW at Tomenosuke in Japan.

This splendid green “Leprechaun” edition is limited to only 70 pieces and retails for $100.
This is the rareast Mooncalf of the lot. Go get one whilst you can..

Jan 4 2012


The fifth and final version of Humphrey Mooncalf will go on sale at Tomenosuke in Japan on the 8th of January.
This dashing green edition is limited to only 70 pieces.

Find out more info on their splendid blog.

Jan 4 2012

Badge 4

The forth of my Mechtorain badges goes on sale TOMORROW (5th Jan) at my online store.

Only 100 made!
Dont miss it.