Aug 31 2012

Teasing time..

A teaser for a piece in my MPH New York show. Oct 12th..


Aug 25 2012

Ironclad Decimator


It’s been a long time in the works but today sees the announcment of my latest Dunny figure with Kid Robot… And it’s a big one.

Doktor A’s 8-inch Ironclad Decimator Dunny is available in two editions: the first is shades of metallic silver, brass and copper, with a uniquely sculpted head and body, and transparent blue lightening bolt accessory between the ears. This edition is a KR Exclusive and only available at Kidrobot stores and

The Mecha Rupture Edition is matte pink with a black and white high gloss head and details, a uniquely sculpted head and body, and a black transparent lightening bolt. The Mecha Rupture edition is a Wholesale Exclusive and only available at select retailers worldwide.

Each produced in a limited edition of 600 with an as yet secret 1 in 6 chase.
These Dunnys rise September 6, retailing for $75 US (£60 UK, €69.60 EU).

Aug 6 2012

Work In Progress

Another peek at some work in progress…..

Sorry I have been quite for some time..
Lots going on in the studio right now..

Aug 6 2012

Penultimate Badge

The third Ed Geers badge is available on my online shop NOW.

This is the penultimate Mechtorian Badge of the month.
The next one (September) will make one years worth.
I intend to make more badges of characters in this same style but no longer on a monthly basis.
They will probably be show exclusives or random event type releases..

I am pleased so many of you have liked them enough to collect the set so far..
This is not the end. They will just become a lot less regular from now on.