Sep 22 2013

Brian Trumpet



Acrylic, Epoxy, Polymer Clay, Wood, Steel, Lead, Rubber, Found Objects.
10″ tall, by 4.5″ by 4.5″
Created as part of the “parade of one thousand demons” theme of Monsters & Misfits III Circus Posterus group show in Japan.

BrianTrumpetSideLorez BrianTrumpetRightLorez BrianTrumpetLeftLorez


Sep 22 2013

The Necromancer



Resin Lifesized Human Skeleton, Acrylic, Steel,  Epoxy, Vintage draughtsman’s instruments, Rubber, Lead, Vintage clock key, Vintage wooden base. 23″ tall by 24″ by 14″


The Necromancer uses for arcane artistry to animate the dead…
Created for the Monsters & Misfits III group show in Japan.

The original inspiration. A scroll painting by Utagawa Kuniyoshi from the 1800’s.



NecromancerRightLorez NecromancerLeftTurnLorez NecromancerLeftLorez NecromancerFigureLorez NecromancerFrontLeftLorez NecromancerFrontLorez NecromancerFrontRightLorez NecromancerFigureLeftLorez NecromancerFigureBackLorez



Sep 22 2013

Monsters & Misfits III sales open



The online sales pages for the works in the Monsters & Misfits III show in Takayama Japan are now open.

Please do visit them if you are interested in purchasing works from the 150 some that were created by the 9 artists involved in this amazing show. My own works are on page six.

For some lovely photos of the venue with the show installed click HERE and HERE


There are also a set of three short films covering the set up and opening of the show.

I have stacks of photos I took myself but have not had time to edit any just yet. I will blog about the trip when I get the chance.
Thank you to the Circus Posterus team, the Kusakabe Folk museum and above all Mr. Shinji Nekako for organising and running such a lavish and exciting show. I am honoured to be a part of it.

The show is open to the public until September the 26th at the Kusakabe Folk Museum Takayama, Japan.