Dec 31 2009


So what is on the cards for the coming year then?

More toys.
I am currently working with seven toy companies to bring you some lovely treats.

More self generated projects.
Stuff I want to do totally myself and keep total control of..

Digital escapades.
Ventures of a digital virtual nature.

More commissions.
Going to be chewing into my commissions lists at last.. so sorry to everyone still waiting for their piece.

More frequent and focused blogging (god I hate that word so much..)

You know. Stuff I can’t tell you about yet..

Less shows.
Something had to give to make way for all these other projects.

Dec 30 2009

Upcoming show.

“When Hell Freezes Over ”



Custom Cranston Fellows Jr. resin Toy Exhibition
At : My Plastic Heart New York.
210 Forsyth St. NY, NY 10002
Opening Reception: Friday Jan 8th 2009 6 – 9pm
Exhibition runs through Jan 30th 2010
for press inquiries please contact
to sign up for their preview list contact


Dec 24 2009

Robo Awards


It looks like I am honoured by being nominated in several categories for Kidrobots “Robo” awards this year.

Pop art toys and pop culture type stuff.
Please drop by and vote for me or any of the other artists you think deserve it..

My Lift show up against Banksy in Bristol? Blimey!

And now is the chance for you Dunny fans to let KR know how much you loved the Rupture….

Dec 17 2009

Yule Break

At the end of today (Thurday 17th) I am off on my Yule break for a week or so.

If you need to contact me in a hurry and you dont have my private phone number…. tough!
Sorry. I got to have a break some time.

Emails will be answered when I get back and shop orders will be posted as soon as possible.

Have a great Yule fellows.

(ooh it’s just started snowing here… Nice!)

Dec 17 2009



The Mechtorian style Madl figure was unveiled at the Freak Mechanique show at Lift Detroit last month.
On sale from the Spookypop Shop are the AP (Artist’s Proofs) of that toy.
Each one is numbered and signed on the bottom.
There are only 30 APs available.


The Madl is a 5″ tall vinyl “Platform” figure designed by top toy designer and artist Jeremy MADl.
There have only been a handful of lucky artists other than MAD himself to have designed one of these classic toys.
Doktor A is honoured to be amongst them.
This is a limited edition release of only 300 pieces.

Dec 16 2009

Free Original Artwork

When I visited the splendid Matt Jones in Manchester last week he was good enough to give me a heap of his mini sticker frames.
These have been drawn upon and I am now giving them away.


Any purchase from my online store will have one of these added as well for free.
Whilst stocks last.

Just order something from the Spookypop Shop and you will get an original hand drawn sticker too… If you are quick.

Dec 15 2009

Lunartik in a cuppa Tea tour Manchester

Last Saturday I headed over to the Richard Goodall Gallery in sunny Manchester to join Mr. Matt Jones in a mini meet-&-Greet as his Lunartik in a cup of Tea toy tour is currently showing there.

I have a piece in the traveling custom show.


Mr. Jones spent some time painting on the gallery window.

RGGlunartikWindowWIP RGGlunartikWindowDone

Then we sat down and signed stuff for the crowd that had gathered and talked nonsense about tea and robots whilst scoffing a packet of Custard Creams..



It was a fun day. Thanks to every one who came along to say hello.
I will hopefully be doing another signing at RGG when I have something new out.

For more info on the Tea Tour and Matt Jone’s art and splendid toys visit his site here :

Dec 14 2009

New Blog (At last Hurrah!)

I have finally got around to killing my old very broken news blog and porting all the old stuff over to a new shiney one.

I hope you can all see this one ok without horrid popup adverts and stuff getting in your way.

I will try and update a lot more regularly now too.

I need to make it all pretty and whatnot which could take a few days so please bare with me.