Apr 26 2005

There and Back Again

So I am just returned from an epic trip to New Zealand.

It is very very far away..
I have been on 6 aircraft in the last 14 days… i am sick of aircraft.
An average trip length of about 10 hours each…. Not fun. Though i did get to watch most of the Pixar films again..

i am now truly timewarped (NZ time is 12 hours ahead of UK time) and it feels like i am walking on a boat… If this post make no sense i wouldnt be surprised!

I am starting the sort through a huge pile of Emails so if you mailed me in the last few weeks I will get to you soon…

More later!

Apr 5 2005

What’s in the dark?

This is the first thing in ages to scare me..


Apr 4 2005

Spookypop Overhaul is now LIVE

After a week of intensive mouse pushing and tantrums the new improved Spookypop is online.
Take a moment to peruse its curvy blue delights.
There are lots of new things to look at and a whole bunch more old things to look at in the archive section, which will be added to at fairly regular intervals.
Please feel free to let me know your thoughts on this extensive overhaul….