Nov 24 2004

New Website section

Today I have added a new TOY section to my website
It has a few photos of toys I have made and also some paintings inspired by the Urban Vinyl scene which may become toys in the near future. Go have a poke around…

In other news I have made some good new contacts in recent weeks resulting in meetings which may lead to exciting things…. sorry to be cryptic but don’t want to count my chickens or jinx things before contracts are signed.
Will of course post up any info here, when I have confirmations.

This week I have mostly been painting………

Nov 5 2004

Resistance is Useless! Digital Dalek designs

So I have been trying to learn MAYA. A 3D animation and modeling package. It’s a steep curve but am starting to make some dent on it. Here is theĀ first project of my own. I decided to give the DALEK a makeover.
Modular digital Dalek (Doctor Who) design by Bruce Whistlecraft, Doktor A.

Modular digital Dalek (Doctor Who) design by Bruce Whistlecraft, Doktor A.

Given it a rethink. The creature now stays in it’s sealed pod and the whole cage unit/life support is moved from transport base to emperor base to heavy weapon base to whatever. The creature never need leave it’s protective cocoon. Also the skirt part can be used closed in a strong armour configuration we are used to, or split open to cross difficult terrain such as STAIRS!
Yes it does look a bit Steam-Punk. I cant get enough of those rivets….

Nov 3 2004


Pornovert jester by Doktor A.

I have illustrated the new album cover for Debut UK rock Wunderkind “Pornovurt”.
The CD is out next week (8th I think) and is available from all major music outlets (Tower, HMV, Virgin, Woolworth, etc etc) Its also on preorder on most of these shop’s websites.

For more info check out the ban’s homepage :
There is a launce party at Madam JoJo’s in London and a Uk tour to follow that.And an online single is available now.

The Album is blinding!
If you like your Rock chunky but with style you should check it out… Well you should check it out anyway cos I am telling you to….