Nov 15 2006

New toys and old toys

The Toy section of Spookypop has just been updated.
There is a brand new set of Russian Nesting dolls available now.

Also I found the very first couple of Goteki / Sneaky Bat Machine prototype toys. So they are up there too. These were the very first test pulls of the toys in the original Sneaky Bat Machine colourways. The limited run of Goteki toys had a different colour scheme. They are a little bashed due to having toured with the band but are still in very good shape. There is no packaging or accessories with them though.

Nov 14 2006


The online art magazine Phirebrush ( ) has chosen Spookypop for its “Site of the Week”.

Thank you very much Phirebrush… Very nice of you indeed.

Nov 13 2006

New Show

Nov 2 2006

The Joy of Decks

I have just added a new Skate Deck to my online store.

“Mandrake – The Root of All EVIL….”
check it out..

And look for more Mandrake goodness coming this way soon..