Sep 24 2008

Drawing commissions

I have decided to set a cut off date for drawing commissions to the end of this month.
If you want something you need to email me before the 1st or October.

I am just working through the second batch right now and only want to do one batch more this round.
I have loads of other stuff I need to do.
I will probably open the drawings list again in the future when i get a time pocket free but I dont know when that will be right now.

Sep 13 2008

Drawing Commissions

In a manner totally stolen from EssRose. :

For a limited time I am offering an experimental commission service.

An original pencil (and or ink ) drawing (depending on what I think is most suitable) of ANY subject you want.
Delivered for $60. (£30)

Paypal only. Paid on compleation.

The drawings will all be on watercolour paper and the ink will be indian ink if used ( i may also chuck in the odd splash of acrylic paint if I feel the need…)
Each drawing will be in the 6″ x 6″ to 8″ x 8″ size range.

Basic rules…
One item/character per drawing… Aditional characters are $30 each extra (£15).

Please email me with requestes as its simpler for me to keep track of emails than replies here.

doktor (at) spookypop (dot) com

And I think I should add a rule that I wont do filth…

So no suggestions for images of famous people in uncompromising positions.
Or Furries……….you know…….up to anything unnatural.

(I am rubbish at portraiture likenesses anyway so best not go there).
Characters is one thing.. I could do you a Hellboy or a Batman or whatever but i couldnt to a recognisable Jonny Depp…