Nov 6 2013

JarJar Death………

I dont usually do works based on existing characters. But was asked to take part in a fun little art show to take place this coming weekend in Pasadena.



DKE Toys presents “The 99 Deaths of Jar Jar” A two day only group art show exclusively at Designer Con 2013 Saturday, November 9 & Sunday, November 10,  9am – 5pm
Pasadena Convention Center, 300 East Green Street, Pasadena CA 91101

A group art show featuring 99 artists. Each artist was asked to submit a black and white, pen and ink illustration on an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper and chose one way to maim, torture, and/or kill our least favorite Gungan.

Participating Artists Include:
64 Colors – A Little Stranger – Doktor A. – akirophoto – Ardabus Rubber – Asaad – Atila – Jason Atomic – Super Cooper Berella – Bigfoot – Joemm Blanche of CBNC – Botsch – Jon Burgerman – Candy – Nate Carle – Luke Chueh – Nicholas Dewey – Luis Diaz – Mike Egan – Dez Einswell – Brent Engstrom – Gus Fink – Frédéric Fleury – Brian Flynn – Steve (Go Hero) Forde – Free Humanity – Renee French – Gregg Gibbs – Darren Goldman – Dan Goodsell – Grenadier Stinny – James Hakola – Gary Ham – Nathan Hamill – Joshua Herbolsheimer – Jesse Hernandez – Francisco Herrera – Kerry Horvath – I Heart Guts – Jay222 – Jeremyville – JSalvador – kaNO – KiLL! – Sun-Min Kim + David Horvath – Scott Kinnebrew – Jim Koch – Frank Kozik – Wade Lageose – L’amour Supreme – Leecifer – LiLJAPAN – Abe Lincoln Jr. – Andy Linke – Jerome Lu – Madtwiinz – Jim Mahfood aka Food One – Man One – Manly Art – Randy Martinez – Mauricio Tubesteak – El Maz – MCA – William Luke Miller – Miso – Nate Mitchell Squid Kids Ink – Nick the Ring – Brent Nolasco – Mitch O’Connell – Odio – olive47 – Jordan Owen – Virva Peikko – Ritzy Periwinkle – The Pizz – Playful Gorilla – PodgyPanda – Poulin Eurlegg – Dave Pressler – Ted Rall – Rob Reger –   Renone – Jermaine Rogers – D. Ross “scribe” – Johnny Ryan – Phil Ryan – Dave Savage – Nick Sawyers – SERBAN – Skinner – Bwana Spoons – Scott Tolleson – Triclops Studio – Tracy Tubera – twerps! – Gustavo Alberto Garcia Vaca – valleyDweller – Denise Vasquez – Scott Wilkowski – Neil Winn – David Zajdman

Jar Jar Binks was contacted for comment about the event and noted about the show, “Why meesa so hated?”

This art show is not sponsored or endorsed by Lucasfilm, and has no relationship with them in any way.

Jar Jar Binks and all related intellectual property is copyright and/or registered to Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM. All rights reserved. But who would really want to own the rights to Jar Jar anyway.

Rumor has it that there may or may not be a corresponding collectable program (er.. crappy zine.. er..something) but that remains to be seen. Show up for more details…

Images will be posted here


DKE TOYS: Dov Kelemer & Sarah Jo Marks are Co-Founders of DKE Toys, the largest independent wholesale distributor of designer toys, limited edition art objects, collectibles, and gifts in the world exclusively representing hundreds of artists, designers, and boutique manufacturers. DKE also curates art shows, writes books, appraises and buys collections and toy closeouts of all shapes and sizes.

DESIGNER CON is an art and design convention that smashes together collectible toys and designer apparel with urban, underground and pop art.


Sep 18 2011

And more new drawings

Sep 17 2011

More new drawings..

Sep 16 2011

Recent Inks

Of Late I have been doodling a lot with my ink pens.
Here are a few…..


Aug 24 2011

Quick and Painful

A friend of mine is organising a series of shows featuring Tattoo art meeting fine art.

Check out the site. Quick and Painful….

This reminded me that a couple of people had my artwork as tattoos…

I dont have any tattoos myself. I think about it now and then but never can settle on anything long enough to commit.
If you have a tattoo of my artwork please do send me a photo, I would love to see it.

Jul 16 2011

Stay inside the lines!!!!!

Color Ink Book Volume Twelve!!!! Is now available for Pre-Order….


Volume Number Twelve: 
Features a covers by Brandi Milne, Camilla d’Errico and Chris Ryniak!!!! This volume features works by BIG TOE, BRANDI MILNE, CAMILLA d’ERRICO, CHRIS RYNIAK, DOKTOR A, ELIF VAROL ERGEN, JASON HERNANDEZ, MATT RITCHIE aka MATT 136 & TARA McPHERSON!!!!. Yet another Brothers Washburn Production!!!!!

The twelveth volume of the color optional, DIY art periodical.
Color Ink Book is a black and white art periodical, which is published in limited quantities quarterly; showcasing the both, established artists as well as fresh faces. The volumes are printed on 60 lb Endurance Vellum Offset Book paper, to offer the reader the option to color the work showcased within: thus bringing the art enthusiasts and artist together.
8.5 X 11
Full Color Cover
Black & White interior
100+ pages
Color Ink Book: The Fo-Realest Art Periodical

Note this is a Pre-Sale the item will not ship till 26th of July!
Limited edition covers for $15 or the regular edition with a Tara McPhereson cover for $10.



Jun 11 2011

Something different

A recent commission for a t-shirt design for the 3 Wishes Fearie Festival in Cornwall.

Faerie ink drawing by Doktor A.

I have yet to see one printed.
If they have them up for sale online at some point I will let you know.

Apr 29 2011

New sales up today

The “AP” Android toys go on sale today ( Friday 29th April) at 6pm UK time over at my online store.

Also I have my Star Wars Galaxy 6 series sketch cards back and they will be available today there too.

Mar 15 2011

Mechtorian Factory

One of the drawings from my upcoming solo show at Iksentrik in Bath next month.
Yes there are going to be a pile of ink drawings. Including the most complex peices I have done to date.

18″ x 22″ framed
11″ x 16″ image
Ink on heavy watercolour paper.
Window mounted with ivory board in a swept walnut frame.

Mechtorian factory ink drawing by Doktor A.

Mechtorian factory ink drawing by Doktor A.

Feb 3 2011

Signed Uglyography CDs for sale now.

The Uglyography CDs I recently did the cover artwork for are now available signed from my online store.

Uglyography CD art by Doktor A.