Apr 13 2011

Iksentrik show coverage

My solo show at Ik’sentrik in Bath is now up and running.
(Click the photos below to enbiggen.)

Thanks to everyone who attended the opening. Sorry if I didnt get a chance for a proper chat.

The gallery space below the shop is open to the public every day till the end of April. Pleas do try and make it along as this is probably the biggest show of my works that will be in the UK for many years to come.

Doktor A solo show Bath

Thanks so much to Ryan of Ik’sentrik for the invitation to mount this show and all his enthusiasm and help in making it a sell out event.

I will be posting some more photos as soon as I get a little break in my work.
Meanwhile there is some coverage on the links below.

Old time movie





Doktor A solo show opening Mechtorians Bath

Triclops Mechtorians solo show opening

Mar 30 2011

Just a reminder

Friday sees the opening of my solo show in Bath UK, at Ik’sentrik
Private view 5pm to 6pm. Open to the public 6pm to 10pm.
Other details below. (click to enbiggen!)

Mar 15 2011

Mechtorian Factory

One of the drawings from my upcoming solo show at Iksentrik in Bath next month.
Yes there are going to be a pile of ink drawings. Including the most complex peices I have done to date.

18″ x 22″ framed
11″ x 16″ image
Ink on heavy watercolour paper.
Window mounted with ivory board in a swept walnut frame.

Mechtorian factory ink drawing by Doktor A.

Mechtorian factory ink drawing by Doktor A.

Mar 8 2011

Amnesia Primm

Poor Amnesia has no short term memory. She simple cannot afford it. Unfortunately she does not remember this fact. This sadly leads to terrible bouts of paranoia. She is convinced that someone else is living in her house with her, though she has never actually seen them. Things change position without her recalling moving them. Food is eaten when she is out of the room and her books and letters rearrange themselves on the shelves. She has taken to locking each and every door as she leaves the room in an attemptĀ  to hinder the interloper. However keeping track of all the different keys is extremely taxing.

ABS, Brass, Vinyl, Lead, Paper, Copper, Rubber, Steel, Silver, Found Objects.

From the upcoming Tarnished Daydreams show.

Mar 7 2011


The Steam Locomotive Perambulator
One of Stephan LePodd’s adventuring machines. Over the years Stephan has commissioned various vehicles and contraptions to aid his speculative travels around the planet. From flying platforms to burrowing torpedoes. This slightly egotistical creation is mostly used around the city on high days and holidays.

Customised Mechtorian toys by Mindstyle.
Vinyl, Lead, ABS, Paper, Brass, Copper, Rubber, Steel, Wood’ Bamboo, Found Objects.

For the Tarnished Daydreams show.

Mar 3 2011

Denton Snark….

Denton Snark
Head of museum security, Denton was initially hired for his fearsome visage. A soft-spoken and genteel character in reality, his frightening dental work has proven a useful visual deterrent to would be trouble makers. Though he is proud of his office he is still a little self conscious of his appearance.

Customised “Benny” toy designed by Kathie Ovivas.
Vinyl, Lead, Acrylic, Copper, Rubber, Steel, Polymer Clay, Found Objects.

From the upcoming Tarnished Dreams show at Iksentrik.

Feb 28 2011


More teasers for the April show in Bath.
I promise to show some whole pieces very soon.

But its more fun like this…

Feb 22 2011

Solo show teaser

Ok another teaser pic from my upcoming solo show.

Just a little one.

Many more to come very soon.