Apr 22 2010

Home of Van Helsing

During the recent trip to Canterbury we spent the day in Whitstable just a few miles away on the coast.
A pleasent little seaside town with some lovely wonky old buildings and interesting little artisan shops.

Whilst we were there we went to look at the house which Peter Cushing lived in for many years (from 1959 when he was making “The hound of the Baskervilles” untill his death). We then had a slap up binge in the little Tudor tea rooms which he also regularly frequented.

The thought of Grand Moff Tarkin with a buttered crumpet by an open fire seems so right dont you think?


I recal a punk song though I dont remember who did it, which had lyrics which went something like :

Peter Cushing lives in Whitstable,
Peter Cushing on his bicycle,
Peter Cushing buying vegetables,
Peter Cushing is IMMORTAL!

Apr 20 2010

We Heart Wood show pictures

Images from the recent “We Heart Wood” show are online now here :


Apr 11 2010

Weekend outing

Last weekend myself and my little family went on a trip down to Canterbury to spend a splendid few days with Julien and Laura, some friends of ours.
Julien is one of those immensely talented artists who simply not enough people know about!
His technical ability with oil paint is outrageous and his choice of subject matter is diverse and surreal.

He has shown all over the UK but not managed to get a foothold in the USA for some reason.
I suggest some of you gallery owners out there invite him into a few of your joint shows soon and see the pieces fly off the walls.

I took a few snaps of his latest series of works whilst I was there.

I do apologise for the low quality of the photos and the iffy reflections. I am sure poor Julien will be shaking his head in disgust at the terrible repros.. (Though to be honest I don’t think any photo can really capture the vibrancy and translucent element of his work.)

Sorry I am not sure what this series is called. But they all have elements of classic hotrod cars, Atomic blasts and Outer Limits characters…





And here are a couple of paintings from last year. His Mechanamorphism series.



And a detail from that last one..


Julien has a couple of pieces in the upcoming  show “Society of Art of Imagination” at La Galleria, Pall Mall, 30 Royal Opera Arcade, London SW1,
from the 19th-24th April. (Nearest tube – Charring Cross/Piccadilly Circus.)

You can see more of his amazing work (and of course buy stuff direct from him) on his website : Baroque Designs