Dec 7 2008

Fresh Human!!!!!

My latest work of art.
A long term project and collaborative work-in-progress with my wife..

Maximilian Thorn Whistlecraft.
Born after much drama on the 4th of December at 6.10pm

He is the Arch-grumbleduke, with a wicked little gleam in his eye.
Equal parts goblin and future pirate king…


Dec 1 2008

Exclusive Mechtorian toy.

An exclusive version of Stephan LePodd will be available from the Vinyl Toy Network show in Pasadena on the 6th or 7th of December.
The “Gentlemen’s Club” edition is a brass and Burgundy red version of Stephan sporting a Fez rather than his top hat.

The edition size is only 100 with the majority of that amount available for purchase at the show.
The retail will be $79.99 each.
They will be available on both days of the show until they sell out. If any are left after the show they will be available online from 3D Retro  ( )

All the show details are on their website.