Jun 29 2005

More Toys for sale

Just added 3 one-off handpainted toys to SPOOKYPOP.

Check the BUY section.
Only one of each available…



Jun 26 2005

Derren Browns Paints!

I just discovered that Mind messing Tv magician Derren Brown is also a painter…
Rather nice stuff I think… Reminds me of Joe Sorrens….

Jun 25 2005

A day in Manchester

Went to Manchester today.
Top place indeed.

Richard Goodall Gallery :
Very nice place, lots and lots of Vinyl (Dunny, Lau, Biskup…MAn the Gohnner is huge, its like a Philip Stark stool……Ci Boys, Treki, and more) and prints ( Biskup, Joe Sorrens, Ray Ceaser….) Good space. needs me more time in there. Vinyl was a bit pricey though (Tiger Baby £70!!!!) I bought a couple of CI Boys Dark ages figures…

Magma :
Nice shop. Been in the London one which is always too packed to get at the books… Lots of nice stuff I could spend a packet in there. They had a Lapin toy I nearly got and the new Chris Cunningham DVD…Hmmm! Not so cheap though.

Arc :
Not too impressed. Not really what I would call a gallery space… left some poddy fliers in there though.

Afflecks Palace :
Just around the corner… This place is just what Kensington Market used to be like in London back in the day… Great sprawling network of shop units. There was loads of vinyl, Qees, Scary Girl, Kubricks, etc etc and they had loads of the TADO Nook art stuff (Very nice chaps!) All sorts of Sub culture stuff going on in a right jolly mix up…

Urbis :
Went to the Sex Pistols exhibition.. Ok I suppose. Very Pro McLaren which annoyed me… All the clothes He designed “with a bit of help from his girlfriend at the time” (*cough Vivianne Westwood *cough!) Best bit was the scribbled notes for Anarchy in the UK lyrics and the Feather Tie… I though it was funny that an exhibition on the Sex Pistols needed to have a disclaimer about the use of bad language….
Shop is pretty good… They had the “Antlors”…http://www.antlor.net/
In the Foyer were loads of huge canvases with grafitti artwork from different artists… There was a Jon Burgerman one I noticed and one by someone called “Cas” I think who desperatly wants to be Junko Mizuno and TADO to the point of plagiarism…..

A good day. Bought some very nice Irregular Choice boots and had some very nice munchies and Root Beer from the Selfridges basement foodery… Yummy indeed…

Jun 23 2005

Vinyl Pulse

There is a little titbit of Doktor A news over on the splendid Vinyl Pulse website today.


This site is at the cutting edge of art-toy industry news…
It’s a good place which is updated pretty much every day.

BTW there are still a couple of the first PODLING toys left for sale.
here : http://www.vinylasylum.co.uk
(Prices INCLUDE post and packing)…….

Jun 17 2005

Batman Begins

I Never thought I would say this….

i have just watched a perfect Batman movie.


Oh yes
(and on the Imax too!!!!)

And the “Tumbler” is something else….
More of this plese…

Wont review it untill more of you have seen it…..

Damn Fine!

Jun 15 2005

Dr. A Urban Vinyl ahoy….


October Toys will be showcasing Gwin :
Series 1 and more at Comic Con in San Deigo July 14th-17th at the Tower Records Booth #4729.
Stop by, say hello, get some free stuff, and check out our cool new arctic vinyl designs!

Yes indeedy My design was chosen for one of series 1 of this strange little Penguin fellow (Its based on the Linux Logo I am informed).
So I am joining the ranks of Urban/Designer Vinyl toy designers out there in the world.

You need one of these for on top of your monitor….(That was a jedi mind trick BTW…)

Also to report not one but TWO apperances in magazines coming up in the next few weeks…One Toy Mag and one RAWK mag… no really…(More details later…)

Jun 9 2005

Back again!

Hello hello!

I am finally back on line and it feels like an age since I pushed a mouse around!

Did ya miss me?

OK some news!
Check out http://www.vinylasylum.co.uk

Yours truly is the featured artist of the month for JUNE… There is an extensive interview and a selection of one-off hand made toys for sale and a few Poddy canvases too… If they havnt all sold already..

I am excited about this !

I am at present working on some new digital pieces which will be up soon… `All I will say for now is “Woppits!”

And in the pipeline are some new toy things, some Poddy toy things and a show in central London…. more of this when it’s all signed sealed and delivered…

Ok you can go and read the inteview and buy stuff now…