Feb 8 2024

Commissions List Open

My commissions list is now once again open.
If you have an idea for a toy custom or a full scratch built character please do drop me an email and we can discuss your requirements.

Email : doktor@mechtorians.com

And remember I am also available for any aspect of toy or character deign for your company, video game, movie or personal collection.

Sep 18 2015

Mechtorians Website re-launches…..

Mechtorians.com Mechtorian website banner. Doktor A Victorian Robots.Welcome to Retropolis, home of the Mechtorians,  a society of retrobotic characters from all walks of life. Welcome to the all new Mechtorians.com the online hub for all things Mechtorian.

The new website collects together for the first time a decade’s worth of the Doktor’s Neo-Victorian robots. With over 200 characters listed it functions as a check-list and deep resource for collectors, an in depth introduction to the new-comer, and a splendid bit of eye candy for the casual visitor. Sculptural pieces, drawings, paintings, small run toys and other items are all represented. With all new images, remastered from the original photographs, and a sleek new style, Mechtorians are presented in more detail than ever before.

The first Mechtorian character appeared in 2006. Since then over 300 different sculptural pieces have been created along with 20 different production toys (with a total of 88 variations), countless drawings and numerous pieces of related merchandise.

Brass moustachioed scientists rub copper-plated elbows with polished metal bank managers, fairground hawkers and socialites in a fantastical realm where humans play no part. A world whose inhabitants go robotically about their daily routine, playing out their part in a society modeled on a flimsy memory of an ideal world.

Every tone and level of life is here. From the extraordinary to the mundane. The mythos of the Mechtorians grows and deepens with the introduction of each new character. Their own story illuminating a small part in the ever widening, ever growing tale of the Mechtorians.


Mechtorians.com Mechtorian website banner. Doktor A Victorian Robots.

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Bruce Whistlecraft ( A.K.A Doktor A.) has exhibited for the last ten years in gallery shows set as far a field as Europe, America and Japan. The Doktor’s works have found homes in high profile private art collections around the world and new pieces are keenly anticipated. His characters have also reached a wider audience through the medium of toys. Short run collectible figures take on the role of three dimensional art prints, with more rare editions being highly sought after.

Trained as an Industrial Modelmaker, Bruce has worked in many fields of the advertising and entertainment industry. A period of time working as a “blue-sky” concept designer with a leading UK toy development company, linked with his eight years as a gallery owner have combined to make him the unique artist he is today. Unlike many other artists in the “art-toy” world the Doktor is a toy maker turned artist. Rather than the more usual artist turned toy maker.

He works from his studio on the Yorkshire moors in the UK.

Instagram :  instagram.com/doktor_a/

Ello: ello.co/doktor_a

Facebook : www.facebook.com/DoktorA.art

Twitter : twitter.com/mechtorians

Online Store: http://mechtorians.bigcartel.com/

Redbubble store:http://www.redbubble.com/people/doktor-a/shop

Aug 2 2011

Studio Sale This Friday!

I have been having a sort out in my studio and clearing through some cupboards and boxes and decided to sell off some of the stuff I have knocking around.

Most of it is from my work pre art-toy days. Older sculpture work in various forms from finished display pieces to resin “Kit”characters, jewellery and whatnot.
There will be some original sculpts, toy prototypes and  general bargains.

Stop by my online store this Friday ( 5th August ) at 6pm UK time and pick up something unique.

Aug 1 2011

Toy Collection

I have finally got around to fitting some lights in my main toy cabinet. It make a huge difference. I can actually see whats in there now, which is nice.
(click pics to enbiggen!)

Tim Burton toy  collection

Astro boy model

Mazinger robot toys

Jul 23 2011

Friend’s studio visit

A short while ago I visited the studio of a friend or mine. Even though her workshop is only a few minutes walk from where, I live in an old mill complex, I have been a slacker and not been around for a looksee. Shame on me. I was missing out on some splendid stuff indeed.

Emma Wilkinson works mainly in ceramics and fabrics and combinations of the two. She creates masked doll characters and more recently some splendidly whimsical insect doll hybrids.

She uses vintage fabrics which she then heavily embroiders.
She also has quite an inspirational doll collection and enviable arrangement of vintage display cases waiting to be filled..

Unfortunatly she hasn’t got a website as of yet. But if you want to contact her about her work drop me a line and I will pass on her email address.

Jan 18 2011


The Internet Delivers!

I have been hankering after an Elvish blade styled by those WETA fellows for years now. After a Yule viewing of the Lord of the Rings extended version marathon I caved in and went on a web hunt.
Found this little beauty…

It’s not the official United Cutlery LOTR version but another Chinese copy. However this comes with the scabbard which the official one doesn’t. Also it’s not stainless steel but carbon steel like a real sword so it can be refined if I want to. It’s also about a tenth the price of the UC ones.

Nice Elvish scrips etched into the blade.

Flowing vine details etched in too. This blade is in need of finishing though as there are still some rough tool marks along the edges..

Like the UC one the vines on the handle are screen printed on only. I am very tempted to remake the handle with inset brasswork. Though if I go down that route I may redesign the handle all together. I purchased a Unicorn horn recently and that would make a great handle for this blade.. Hmmmm.

Like I have the time…………..