May 31 2006

Spiky Baby paper toy series 2

Series 2 of the splendid “Spiky Baby” paper toy created by Shin Tanaka have just been released.
This is a limited edition of random downloadable “Blind boxed” paper figures.
And series 2 has a “Rupture” design from Doktor A…

So click on over to Spikybaby and get yourself some spiky paper friends… $0.00 or £0.00 for each one… But hurry they are not available for long..

May 6 2006

New art……

I just finished this…
Tin Woodsman, Wizard of Oz painting by Doktor A. Bruce Whistlcraft.

“Tin Woodsman” Acrylic on canvas with additions 36″ x 12″ x1.5″

The rivets are real metal rivets fixed to the canvas first to give it something else..
The colours are a little flat in this photo but you get the idea..

And I am planning another Spookypop overhaul to showcase more painting and to make it all a bit more spooky… which it really isnt right now is it…