Nov 23 2005

So what have I been up to.


Recently I have been locked away in my studio working feverishly on my Nemesis piece for the ZARJAZ show in London (see earlier post for details). But thats in the post now so moving on to casting more PODLINGS which are now available to buy again from the Podling site store. I have also been sorting out another PODLING shop exclusive. This time a Brass edidion for a USA based online toy store.. More info later..
Also I have been working on my next toy line. It has four figures with a fifth secret figure which I am not quite sure how to wheel out yet. Anyway they are all going very well and will be announced in the next few weeks and be available for sale before Xmas.

Also I have just done a custom “Cr8tive Peeples” toy for a prize in Vinyl Pulse’s 100,000 visitor competition.
And it looks like I will be doing a custom Munny toy for a show in the USA to raise dosh to help Huck Gee (again see earlier post for Huck’s story).
Also I have to sort a piece of art for an upcoming book on Digital Horror Art.

I think thats all I have on right now.
Though I have the urge to do some new Poddy painting.

Been to the cinema a few times of late.Saw :
Corpse Bride.
Beautiful and perfectly animated but left me a little empty. Not got the joy of NB4Xmas.
Brother Grimm .
Very good. Splendidly enjoyable romp in a classic Gilliam style. Only marginally let down by some shockingly bad effects shots.
Harry Potter 4.
Very enjoyable but a bit rushed and seemed cut oddly. Voldemort was splendid. Dont know why they kept calling Petr Petigrew, Wormtail.. Someone explain please (I have not read, and dont intend to read the books).

Nov 14 2005

Original Paintings for sale..

Hi guys…
Your chance to own.. Original, one of a kind, hand done, Acrylic PODDY paintings…


HatPoddysmall DrivebyJnr

On the Spookypop site NOW!
( )
(In the BUY section…. Under ART…..)

Nov 9 2005

New stuff for sale

I have got a couple of PODDY paintings back from a gallery which is sadly closing down.. So they are up in the BUY section too at a lower price than previously (as there is now no gallery cut to pay…)

BadLuckPoddy OctoPoddy

Nov 5 2005


I have been asked to participate in another show in London in December..
And this one is a pretty big deal..

Check it!


Oh yes!
I used to love 2000AD back in the day…
Go on guess which character I am doing?