Oct 29 2013

Amelia Incantatum for Halloween



Well met by moonlight, miss Amelia Incactatum.
The second customised, one of a kind Bella DeLaMere Witch figures for my Halloween online release.

Recently graduated from the Yorkshire school of witchcraft Miss Amelia Incantatum is the latest spellcaster in a family who can trace their blood line back to the neolithic period. Though extremely proficient with potions and charms, her shape shifting skills are not so developed. She has been stuck with her tentacles since a badly researched transmogrification experiment during her last summer break…

Standing 9″ tall (without her base) this customised vinyl figure features a stylishly wicked hat, bunch of metal keys, spell scroll, jar of glowing magical particles and “crystal” wand. She stands on a turned wooden base topped with and etched and weathered magical circle sigil.

Amelia will be available for purchase direct from my online store on Halloween.

AmeliaIncantatumWandLorez AmeliaIncantatumTorsoFRLorez AmeliaIncantatumRightLorez AmeliaIncantatumPromoLorez AmeliaIncantatumLeftLorez AmeliaIncantatumFrontLeftLorez AmeliaIncantatumBaseLorez AmeliaIncantatumBackLorez


Oct 29 2013

Hedge Witch for Halloween



Bid welcome to The Hedge Witch.
A customised, one of a kind Bella DeLaMere figure for Halloween.

The Hedge Witch is a solitary earth spirit who inhabits the forests of the old world. Embodying the facets of nature in her very form. The seasons of death and regrowth moving though her.

The 10 inch tall figure features a highly textured form, gold leaf embellished sickle (for the ritual harvesting of mistletoe), a spell scroll, antlers and miniature Pumpkins. She comes on a vintage wooden base.

Hedge Witch will be available for purchase direct from my online store on Halloween.


HedgeWitchTurnRightLorez HedgeWitchTurnLeftLorez HedgeWitchSickleLorez HedgeWitchLeftLorez HedgeWitchBackLorez HedgeWitchBackRightLorez HedgeWitchFaceLeftLorez HedgeWitchFaceRightLorez


Oct 15 2013

Approach of the White Walkers…..


Mr. Pumfrey and his Astounding Mechanised Perabulator – “Winter Wanderland” edition is due for release at Designer Con in Pasadena this coming November 9th & 10th.

Only 100 of this second colourway of the retrobotic conveyancer will be produced by the sterling Munkyking company.
Eight inches tall with a removable pilot the, the original “Autumn Amble” version is now sold out.

Pumfrey_white_bk_web PerambulatorWebPromoWhite