Feb 28 2011


More teasers for the April show in Bath.
I promise to show some whole pieces very soon.

But its more fun like this…

Feb 25 2011

Incoming Solo show pieces..

Another sneek from my incoming solo show at Ik’sentrik in Bath UK in April.

Feb 22 2011

Solo show teaser

Ok another teaser pic from my upcoming solo show.

Just a little one.

Many more to come very soon.

Feb 16 2011

In Progress

A rare thing from me. A work in progress photo.

Something for my upcoming Bath show.

Mechtorian work in progress by Doktor A.

Feb 8 2011

Rupture for all

Series 2 of the Android toys is out in March and Doktor A has a Rupture design in the set. And this time he will be easily available to all, not a super rare “Chase” likt the previous Rupture toy. Drop on over to Andrew Bells Dyzplastics website for details on the whole range.

Feb 8 2011

Hey Cavey!

The popular little plush toy Hey Cavey’s first birthday is being celebrated with a party in central London.

Lots of UK artists including Doktor A have designed Caveys which Holly has sewn up for the show. Each will be auctioned off too.
Thursday May 26th.

Feb 3 2011

Signed Uglyography CDs for sale now.

The Uglyography CDs I recently did the cover artwork for are now available signed from my online store.

Uglyography CD art by Doktor A.

Feb 1 2011

Mooncalf Review

The first Mooncalf review is up on Toys R Evil.

“The figure is a well desirable product distinguishable amongst a sea of urban – not just because it is a distinctively a Doktor-A-design, but because it is so well made, and one of the better made figures I have ever seen in a long, long time.”