Oct 31 2016

Rupture Pins

Rupture Enamel Pin by Doktor A.

Finally Rupture the carnivorous fungus has been transformed into an Enamel pin.
The popular toothsome character who has graced one of the most sought after Dunnys from Kidrobot as well as an official Android figure from Dead Zebra Inc and numerous customised art toys, can now live right on your lapel.

Rupture Enamel Pin by Doktor A.

The 1″ diameter pin badge is made of solid black Nickel with a Hard Enamel fill.
Each comes carded and bagged and has a black rubber grip on the back.

Available now from my online store and all art toy stores with good taste around the globe.

Rupture Enamel Pin by Doktor A.

Aug 25 2012

Ironclad Decimator


It’s been a long time in the works but today sees the announcment of my latest Dunny figure with Kid Robot… And it’s a big one.

Doktor A’s 8-inch Ironclad Decimator Dunny is available in two editions: the first is shades of metallic silver, brass and copper, with a uniquely sculpted head and body, and transparent blue lightening bolt accessory between the ears. This edition is a KR Exclusive and only available at Kidrobot stores and kidrobot.com.

The Mecha Rupture Edition is matte pink with a black and white high gloss head and details, a uniquely sculpted head and body, and a black transparent lightening bolt. The Mecha Rupture edition is a Wholesale Exclusive and only available at select retailers worldwide.

Each produced in a limited edition of 600 with an as yet secret 1 in 6 chase.
These Dunnys rise September 6, retailing for $75 US (£60 UK, €69.60 EU).

Feb 24 2012

New Rupture Product…….

Owners of iPads, Kindles, Android tablets and laptops. Have you been searching for a stylish cover to protect your valuable computing equipment?
A cover that is practical and one in which your computer would be proud to be seen out and about?
Well search no more! New UK company Funky Peanut are pleased to announce the release of Funky Sleeves mobile device covers featuring an exclusive Rupture design by Doktor A.

The extremely popular and abundantly toothy Rupture character has assaulted the art toy world for several years. No longer content with devouring your hip vinyl
collectibles he is now focusing on your treasured mobile media electronics..

Doktor A has updated the Rupture design especially for the Funky Sleeves device covers and says “I have given it a little more attitude than the previous versions”.
The Funky Sleeves are initially available in three sizes to suit a wide range of mobile devices. Each beautifully printed front and back with the Doktor’s all consuming

At launch the sizes available will be :
7” = 21 x 15cm (Suitable for Kindle and most 7” Android tablets) Retail price £18.99
10” = 26 x 19cm (Suitable of all iPads and most 10″ tablets) Retail price £23.99
15” = 38 x 26cm (Suitable for Apple Probook 15 and similar laptops) Retail price £27.99
(N.B. Sizes reflect internal dimensions.)

The sleeves are manufactured from high quality 5mm neoprene with a black super soft fleece lining. The all black military grade zipper, black metal pulls and black trim
perfectly complement the Rupture design. And the finished product? Well as Doktor A himself says “I don’t think a better job could have been done on these”.

These Rupture Funky Sleeves are a strictly limited edition with just 500 of each size being made available.
This release is the first in a proposed series of artist designed media device cases from Funky Peanut.

To purchase on the release date of Monday 27th february click through to Funky Peanut  or Spookypopshop.

Feb 24 2012


New Product info incoming……………….

Jan 27 2012

Sneek Peek.

Something New and Ruptured coming this way soon……………….

Sep 7 2011

Rupture Art Pass

The Rupture Art Pass is now available from my online store…

Aug 28 2011

Art Pass series 3

That wonderful fellow Matt Jones ( Lunartik ) Has published series three in the popular Art Pass series.
Artist decorated vinyl pass covers for all your travel pass or ID type requirements.
I have a Rupture in this series.

I will have some up on my online store soon.
The other designs can be found on the respective artist’s sites, in good art-toy type stores worldwide and from the Lunartik online store linked above.

May 25 2011

Plush Rupture Cavey

Holly over at “A Little Stranger” has done a splendid job of making a one of a kind Rupture Cavey plush toy as part of the Hey Cavey birthday party celebrations.
A bunch of UK artists designed a unique little huggy pal and Holly whipped them all up.
They are now all up for auction over HERE.
Only 24 hours to run…. dont miss them.

Apr 29 2011

New sales up today

The “AP” Android toys go on sale today ( Friday 29th April) at 6pm UK time over at my online store.

Also I have my Star Wars Galaxy 6 series sketch cards back and they will be available today there too.

Mar 25 2011

Arbuthnot Wince – The Poisoner –

Arbuthnot Wince  – The Poisoner –

It was originally supposed that Mechtorians could not be harmed by the effects of poison due to their mechanical nature. However Arbuthnot accidentally discovered the unusual side effects from application of small amounts of toxic venom distilled from the spittle of his pet, an indigenous beast he called Rupture. He discovered that his unsuspecting fellow robots could indeed be paralysed for prolonged periods of time. So like the state of death was this paralysis that he was concerned his victims would be buried or dismantled in error. He continues to research and stockpile poisons for his own entertainment. One day he may even use them…

Customised Lizzy & Junior figure by Brandt Peters and Kathie Olivas, Circus Posterus.
Polyester, Epoxy, ABS, Vinyl, Glass, Lead, Gold, RoseWood, Copper, Found Objects.
26.5″ tall

From my solo show opening at Ik’sentrik in Bath on the 1st April.