May 1 2018

Mandrake Pins

Mayday is a magical time.
A liminal time.
A dangerous time!
On this night the Mandrake roots scramble free of the soft earth.
And dance in the light of the first moon of Spring.
They sing their unearthly, piercing songs,
And cavort in wild circles in the twilight.
To hear them brings madness.
To spy them brings doom!
Beware on your nocturnal ramblings!
Less you witness things not easily un-seen.

A new series of Mandrake Enamelled Pins from The Art Pin Collection launch this Mayday from Rotofugi in the USA, and from The Mechtorian Emporium in the UK.

Four versions are available at launch:
Brass & Greens, Brass and Yellows, Copper and Reds, Steel and Purple.
Each pin is 1.5″ tall and has two fasteners. Each comes carded.

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Oct 31 2016

Rupture Pins

Rupture Enamel Pin by Doktor A.

Finally Rupture the carnivorous fungus has been transformed into an Enamel pin.
The popular toothsome character who has graced one of the most sought after Dunnys from Kidrobot as well as an official Android figure from Dead Zebra Inc and numerous customised art toys, can now live right on your lapel.

Rupture Enamel Pin by Doktor A.

The 1″ diameter pin badge is made of solid black Nickel with a Hard Enamel fill.
Each comes carded and bagged and has a black rubber grip on the back.

Available now from my online store and all art toy stores with good taste around the globe.

Rupture Enamel Pin by Doktor A.

Sep 22 2015

NEW Mechtorian Sculpted Badges

Mechtorian sculpted pin badge. Steampunk robot badge by Doktor A. Bruce Whistlecraft.

Fantastic “Cold Cast Metal” sculpted pin badges are now available from my online store.

Each about 1″ across, these little resin Phizogs are great for your clothes,bags or collection cabinet.
Tiny Mechtorian faces, sculpted by Doktor A and hand cast in England. Each has inset mirrored metal eyes and individually antiqued and polished surfaces.

Three different “Metal” finishes are available.
They come carded and bagged with a metal “butterfly” fastening and are only £10 each..
Mechtorian sculpted pin badge. Steampunk robot badge by Doktor A. Bruce Whistlecraft. Mechtorian sculpted pin badge. Steampunk robot badge by Doktor A. Bruce Whistlecraft. Mechtorian sculpted pin badge. Steampunk robot badge by Doktor A. Bruce Whistlecraft. Mechtorian sculpted pin badge. Steampunk robot badge by Doktor A. Bruce Whistlecraft. Mechtorian sculpted pin badge. Steampunk robot badge by Doktor A. Bruce Whistlecraft.

Nov 20 2013

Sir Shilling goes Metal…



The ever popular Sir Shilling Copperpenny gets immortalised in the form of a tiny metal badge…
Yes that capitalist bank manager from Retropolis is soon to be available as a 1″ vintage style metal bade. Part enamel filled and antiqued for an old timey look.

On Monday the 25th of November, at 6pm UK time the edition of only 100 pieces will be made available online through the Spookypopshop. £6 ($10 approx) each.
Each piece is engraved on the reverse with its unique number. They each come carded and bagged.

This is the first in a series of four different colourways of Sir Shilling which will be made available at intervals over the coming months as part of the continuing Mechtorian badge series..



Jul 3 2013

Strawberries & Cream



A new Stephan LePodd enamelled badge will be available at the Cardiff Tattoo & Toy Convention on the 20th & 21st of July.
Strictly limited to 100 engraved numbered pieces. The summer inspired “Strawberries & Cream” edition comes in white, red and silver.
The badges are polished metal with partial enamel fills. Each comes carded and bagged and is 1″ tall.
Any left after the event will be available through my online store.



May 30 2013

New Stephan LePodd Pin Badge


Stephan LePodd in his Sunday Best colours (matching the original toy release) will be available as a pin badge in a numbered edition of 100 pieces direct from my online store on the 5th June. (Going on sale at 6pm UK time).
1″ across, enamelled finish and antiqued Brass. Each pin is etched with its number on the rear and comes carded and bagged.
£6 ( approx $10) each.

Shipping worldwide whilst stocks last.

SLPBadgeCopperNumbersLorez SLPBadgeCardLorez


Mar 19 2013

ToyCon UK Doktor A exclusive item


In the style of his best selling line of Mechtorian pin badges comes the first iteration of arguably Doktor A’s most popular character. Stephen LePodd the tentacularly adorned, adventuringly daring denizen of Retropolis can now be yours as a relief cast metal pin badge. Polished and partly enamel filled for that classic, vintage look.

This piece will be an exclusive release at ToyCon UK in London on the 6th of April.

A strict edition of only 100, engraved numbered pieces, the copper and red Stephan can be yours for only £5.
Each badge is 1″ across and comes bagged on a display card.


Any remaining stock after the event will be made available on Doktor A’s online store.



Sep 3 2012

Last Badge of the month

This coming Wednesday ( 5th September ) sees the final Mechtorian badge of the month go on sale on my online store.
The “Mourning” edition Ed Geers enameled badge is the 12th in the series and marks a year of Mechtorian badge goodness.

In polished silver with black and royal purple details, each badge in this run of 150 is engraved on the reverse with its own number. Each one comes carded and bagged.
£6 ($10) each.

This will not be the last Mechtorian badge to be produced, but from now on they will be show and convention exclusives at irregular intervals.
Watch this blog for details…

Aug 6 2012

Penultimate Badge

The third Ed Geers badge is available on my online shop NOW.

This is the penultimate Mechtorian Badge of the month.
The next one (September) will make one years worth.
I intend to make more badges of characters in this same style but no longer on a monthly basis.
They will probably be show exclusives or random event type releases..

I am pleased so many of you have liked them enough to collect the set so far..
This is not the end. They will just become a lot less regular from now on.

Jul 2 2012

Ed Geers Badge 2..

Mechtorian Enamel badge of the month number 10 will go on slae on Thursday July 5th.
This time it is an antiqued Copper version of Ed Geers, with blood red eyes and deep red details.

Each badge is 1″ across and is in an edition of 150 pieces (each number is engraved on the rear of the badge.)

Comes carded and bagged.

£6 ($10) each.