Jul 23 2011

Best in the World!

For the first time in my life I have won an award.

(Photo pilferred from Ben Goretsky)….

I had the honour of receiving the “Best Customiser” award at the Designer Toy Awards hosted in San Diego a couple of nights ago.
Run by Clutter Magazine these awards are presented to artists and companies around the world who have excelled in some field within the art/designer-toy industry.

I am cuffed to bits!

And flabergasted..

And jolly happy.

It’s great to feel that all ones hard work is being noticed by ones peers.
And it’s not as if it’s a small pond I swim in any more. There are a lot of very talented artists out there who customised toys as part of their roster. From the short list it really could have been anyones, in fact from the long list it was a tough call.

I have been customising art-toys as part of my artwork since 2004. (And reworking toys into prototypes for new toys for maybe ten years before that.)
So I have been around the block for a while doing this. It’s my life.

And now I will have one of these splendid Pete Fowler designed awards to make me grin every time I look at it, for years to come. To KNOW, people love what I do..


Jul 23 2011

Friend’s studio visit

A short while ago I visited the studio of a friend or mine. Even though her workshop is only a few minutes walk from where, I live in an old mill complex, I have been a slacker and not been around for a looksee. Shame on me. I was missing out on some splendid stuff indeed.

Emma Wilkinson works mainly in ceramics and fabrics and combinations of the two. She creates masked doll characters and more recently some splendidly whimsical insect doll hybrids.

She uses vintage fabrics which she then heavily embroiders.
She also has quite an inspirational doll collection and enviable arrangement of vintage display cases waiting to be filled..

Unfortunatly she hasn’t got a website as of yet. But if you want to contact her about her work drop me a line and I will pass on her email address.

Jul 16 2011

Stay inside the lines!!!!!

Color Ink Book Volume Twelve!!!! Is now available for Pre-Order….


Volume Number Twelve: 
Features a covers by Brandi Milne, Camilla d’Errico and Chris Ryniak!!!! This volume features works by BIG TOE, BRANDI MILNE, CAMILLA d’ERRICO, CHRIS RYNIAK, DOKTOR A, ELIF VAROL ERGEN, JASON HERNANDEZ, MATT RITCHIE aka MATT 136 & TARA McPHERSON!!!!. Yet another Brothers Washburn Production!!!!!

The twelveth volume of the color optional, DIY art periodical.
Color Ink Book is a black and white art periodical, which is published in limited quantities quarterly; showcasing the both, established artists as well as fresh faces. The volumes are printed on 60 lb Endurance Vellum Offset Book paper, to offer the reader the option to color the work showcased within: thus bringing the art enthusiasts and artist together.
8.5 X 11
Full Color Cover
Black & White interior
100+ pages
Color Ink Book: The Fo-Realest Art Periodical

Note this is a Pre-Sale the item will not ship till 26th of July!
Limited edition covers for $15 or the regular edition with a Tara McPhereson cover for $10.



Jul 16 2011


Humphry Mooncalf – Dapper Edition
Will be on display at the DKE Toys booth at San Diego Comic Con.

DKE Toys (booth #4728)

There have been a few improving tweeks since these photos of the prototype were taken. Drop by and check him out.

Jul 10 2011

Berlin Debut……………..

Ladies and Gentlemen, We would like to cordially invite you to the upcoming group exhibition       Gentle Giants!    Opening at Strychnin Gallery Berlin on July 15th at 7 pm

If you would like to be informed about our presale for this exhibition please write a short note to:

Robots are a phenomenon which everybody is aware of and that is often viewed differently by many people. Today their origin, definition and purpose is widely discussed and not only their construction, technology and application range have drastically evolved, but the design, function and general perception of today‘s robots have changed in many directions.
Nowadays there are robots of any size, made from any material and built for any task imaginable. Furthermore, they have transformed from being solely tools to often depicted and thematised objects of popular culture as well as being subject and means of expression in the world of arts. Iconic stories and movies such as Terminator, Transformers, RoboCop, The Iron Giant or Walle have displayed the divided perception of robots as friends and humans‘ little helpers as well as a dangerous threat to society.

The creations of robot art take, interpret and shape the commonly perceived attributes of and also the views on robots and thereby give them even more meaning and personality. Strychnin Gallery’s ‘Gentle Giants’ will showcase a diverse selection of some of the most influential and innovative creations of robot art done by a well selected group of artists. The exhibition will focus on the gentle, smart, helping and almost human aspects of robots that are enriching our society.

The list of participating artists includes: Michael Salter, Himatic, Doktor A, Mike Libby, Skeleton Heart, Seymour, Nemo Gould, John Lytle Wilson, SQUP, Caroline LeBreton, Stefan Fromberger and many more.

Solomon Bigglesworth Jones
Small time rug salesman and carpet cleaner, Sam Jones dreams of higher goals.
At night he tinkers in his cellar workshop, crafting a vehicle of mythic beauty and breathtaking audacity.
Soon he will unveil his elegant invention, take to the skys and leave his dusty day job far behind him.

Polyurethane Resin, Epoxy resin, Styrene, Vinyl, Brass, Copper, Steel, Aluminium, Polymer clay, Rubber, Lead, Silk.
9″ tall ( 11″ tall in vintage glass display dome).

Jul 8 2011

Imaginary Menagerie Pieces.


The Imaginary Menagerie show opens at Oh No Doom in Chicago tomorrow night.
Here are some of my pieces from the show. Hop over to their website to see all the pieces by all four artists artists and vie to purchase something for yourself..

The Self Made Man
“More organs means more Human”!
The twisted logic of a crazed surgeon bent on the attainment of actual organic life.
He harvests all manner of internal organs from whatever unlucky indigenous lifeforms he can procure.
Assembling and re-combining them in increasingly bizarre and imaginative ways about his inner cavities in the hope that one day he will truly be alive.

Vinyl, Epoxy resin, Polymer clay, Lead, A.B.S, Brass, Copper, Rubber, Glass, Vintage Brass drawing instruments, Steel.
12.5″ tall.


Hugo Neko-Lapin
Hugo was originally fashioned with the countenance of a Cat.
He has never felt it suited him. In fact he has always been happier following the life of a Rabbit.
He eventually discovered a network of secret underground clubs populated by likeminded souls who also felt erroneously equipped. Here he could indulge in his Rabbit fantasies without ridicule.
Sadly he cannot afford to undertake the alteration work himself, so has applied to the City Hall for a grant to cover the engineering.
To prove he is serious in his intent he must live openly as a rabbit for a year.
“Too many ears!” people whisper unsympathetically behind his back.

Collaboration with Amanda Louise Spayd.
Customised Mini Skelve figure from Circus Posterus. Designed by Kathie Olivas and Brandt Peters.
Polyurethane Resin, Epoxy resin, Polymer clay, Rubber, Lead Brass, Vintage clock and watch parts, vintage display dome.
4.5″ (7″ in display dome.)


Colonel Henry Walrus Caruthers with his latest  – Specimen the Gullyskumpler.
Although appointed leader of the Herringbone wildlife research expedition the Colonel doesn’t really have a proper grasp on their intent.
Drafted in from the army to provide experience and knowledge in the fields of remote and difficult travel across uncharted terrain.
Adept at handling fire-arms with his prehensile moustache, he unfortunately cannot resist the urge to take occasional pot shots at the wild-life.
Especially sad when it is some of the rarer fauna.
“Well there wont be many chances to bag one of these buggers soon”!  is his justification.

Collaboration with Chris Ryniak.
Customised Lefty toy designed by HiCalorie.
Vinyl, Epoxy Resin, Lead, Brass, Walnut wood, Brass, Glass, A.B.S. Found Objects.


Search Engines
These helpful little fellows were designed to help hunt out all those things you have trouble finding.
Set them a item to find in a bustling department store, or a departure platform at a sprawling railway station and they will track them down for you in a mere jiffy.

Customised Android toys created by DYZ Plastic.
Series of 5.
Vinyl, Polymer clay, Lead, Rubber, Vintage Brass clock key.
3″ tall.

Jul 5 2011

Imaginary Menagerie info……….

And now a word from one of my sponsers :

Hello Everybody!

I am Lana and I am one of the co-owners of OhNo!Doom Gallery. I wanted to make sure everyone was well informed about our upcoming exhibit preview for Imaginary Menagerie. We will be doing things a little bit different this time around and want to have a smooth and fair preview process for everyone. If you have not yet signed up for the preview but would like to receive it, please do so before this Thursday to insure you are processed in time to receive the goods: http://www.ohnodoom.com/gallery/info.html

I will be sending these guidelines (below) to the entire preview list Thursday afternoon, if you do not receive it by Thursday evening please re-sign up for the list and/or contact me at info@ohnodoom.com

Preview Guidlines:

Due to the overwhelming amount of emails regarding the work in the Imaginary Menagerie exhibit we will be implementing a couple new guidelines for requesting and purchasing pieces from this preview.

1. There will be a purchase limit of 1 piece of artwork, per artist, per customer. Multiple pieces may still be purchased but not from one single artist, for instance: you may purchase 1 piece from Amanda, 1 piece from Dok A., 1 piece from Lana and 1 piece from Chris.

2. Please list your selections in order of preference. (First choice, second choice, third, ect…) If your first choice is no longer available we will offer the next available. If you would like to purchase from multiple artists please note your preferences for each artist and that you would like one from each you have listed.

3. If you are able to purchase your single piece (YAY!) but would like to purchase additional pieces by that artist please make note in your email to be put on the waiting list for the other pieces.

A waiting list will be created and preview list customers will be re-contacted in order of initial request after the opening event for any remaining unsold works. Customers will be contacted form the waiting list between Sunday July 10th and Tuesday July 12th. Tuesday July 12th at 6pm CST all unsold work will be placed in our online store. So, you have first dibs on the preview and then first dibs again before the show goes live on our site.

4. The Preview will be sent out (tentatively) at 10am CST Friday July 8th. There will be a viewing period of 2 hours and an exact time for receiving requests will be posted in the preview. Requests received before the time marked in the preview will not be valid. The preview will close at 6pm CST Friday July 8th

5. I answer emails in the order they are received based on the time stamp. I try to set up one order before moving to the next to so please be patient. I will respond to each email and your place in line will not be in jeopardy. Requests will need to be sent to info@ohnodoom.com to be recognized.

6. Payment will need to be received by the end of the day July 8th in order to be completed and guaranteed. If payment is not made by end of day July 8th the item will not be marked as sold for the opening. If for some reason a phone transaction is required and therefore delaying payment you will not lose your place in line. Stuff does happen.

7. Shipping is billed separately and at the end of each exhibit. We begin sending out shipping emails 1 week after the exhibit comes down and the following opening has occurred. If you are local you may pick up pieces at the shop the day we take down the exhibit, which is Tuesday August 2nd.

Thanks so much!