Dec 29 2011


It’s odd!
As an artist one produces hundreds, even thousands of works over the years. Each new piece surpassing the previous in technical ability and finess ( one hopes) and it’s nice when people pick up on what you are doing and appreciate the ongong evolution of your artistic world. But getting people to take notice is the hard part…

And then you do the odd little throw away idea things for fun, for yourself, on a whim…… and people go crazy for it!

A pair of sunglasses I made for myself back in the late 1980’s/early 90’s inspired by the paintings of H.R. Giger has suddenly started doing the rounds on the worlds Blogs..

For all the people who want to know.. No I dont manufacture them. They were a one-off pair made for fun.
I recently gave them to my friend Shinji  (Tomenosuke)  in Japan as he has a huge Sci-Fi Movie memorabilia collection and though these are not from any actual movie they do have that 1980’s sci-fi vibe and I though he would get a kick out of them.

He blogged them and then Jeremy Brautman picked up on them on his blog…. and then they were off..

H.R.Giger Safety pin sunglasses

H.R.Giger safety pin sun glasses
( For anyone interested they are made with heat formed acrylic sheet (smoked), Epoxy resin, polyurethane tube and appropriated steel sunglasses arms..)

So, sorry to anyone who has come to my websites looking for them or more Giger type stuff.. That is all there is…
But I hope you stick around and enjoy my own work..

Dec 29 2011

Badge of the month No. 4

On the 5th of January the 4th in the Mechtorian badge of the month series will go on sale from my online store.
The final version of this design is a spiffy “Mourning” edition in polished silver, black and purple.

Relief cast in real metal,  polished and partly enamel filled to give a classic vintage look.
The badge is 1″ across and has a clasp pin fixing on the rear.
Each piece comes bagged on a signed and numbered card.
There will only be 100 made of this badge version.

February sees a totally new character design.. Check back here or “like” my facebook page for updates!

Dec 28 2011

Curated by Chet Zar

I  am chuffed to be included in an upcoming group show of sculptural works curated by the splendid Chet Zar.
There are some inspiring artists in this show. A lot of whom I admire greatly.
Hope my funny little robot fellow can hold his own amid this talent frenzy!

Its interesting to see the selection of artists Chet has chosen. A cross section of the pop-art worlds and the effects industry.
Never thought I would be in a show with the likes of Steve Wang! ( Go google him you art types!)

“Conjoined II The Sequel- in 3D”
Sculptures and Dimensional Art

Copro Gallery
2525 Michigan Ave T5
Santa Monica, CA 90404
310 829 2156

January 21, 8:00-11:30 PM
Runs until February 11th

Curated by Chet Zar

Ron English, Joe Sorren, Doktor A, Adam Jones, John Cebollero, Chet Zar, Colin Christian, Rick Zar, Black Mass, Shiflett Bros, Jud Bergeron, Bill Sturgeon, Tracey Roberts, Jesse Gee, Bill Basso, Zoetica Ebb, David Richardson, Scott Radke, John Haley III, Aris Kolokontes, Ryan Peterson, Simon Lee, Chris Conte, David Simon, Meats Meier, Nathan Cartwright, Jake Roanhause, Neil Winn, Charles Krafft, Jason Hite, Tas Limur, Chantal Menard, Bruce Fuller, Dave Grasso, Neal Kennemore, Jack Howe, Zombienose, Thomas Kuebler, Dave Pressler, Akihito Ikeda, Ver Mar, Steve Wang, Kevin Kirkpatrick, Brian Poor, Eddie Sparr, Mark Setrakian, Charles Manson, Michael Leavitt, Michael Shawn McCracken, Andrew Freeman, Kato DeStefan, & more

Dec 26 2011

New work

Just finished a new piece for a gallery show in LA in January.

A little teaser for you..

Dec 15 2011

Mooncalf APs

My shipment of Mooncalf toys has arrived.

Humphrey Mooncalf Vinyl art toy by Pobber and Doktor A.

Watch my online store for updates on AP sales coming soon-ish.


Edit :

Regular and Verdegris go on sale at 6pm (UK time) Monday 26th Dec.

Dec 6 2011

Gift Guide

A little gift guide to some of my gifted friends :

Some splendid works for your delictation at this purchase heavy period of the year. Some ideas for those who want to give something a little more artistic.

“Uncle Six Eyes”
A 10″ tall bust of this enigmatic soul based on the paintings of Travis Louie.
$120 for one of this run of only 150 pieces. Direct from the new art toy company Shinbone.
I have one and they are awesome.
Travis has hardly made a move into the dimensional arena but this piece shows what a great direction it is to go.


Tentacled scarf. ($23)
Where to start with Miss Monster’s works.
Her shop overflows with splendid sculptural and graphical wonders for him and for her.
All sorts of mythical and whimsical beasties to delight and torment…



Neil Winn’s “Monster Magnets” ( $25 each or $60 for all three) are wonderful chunky goblin doorkeepers for your fridge. No mini magnets these, They have a real characterful presence and are each hand cast and hand painted by the artist.
Pop on over to Neil’s shop and see all manner of creatures both sculpted and painted. Prices range from $10 to $200 and there are all sorts of characters from Muppets to Lovecraft to choose from.


Know someone who is classic car crazy but dont want to get the same old stuff that’s all over the place?
Check out “Retromotive” for unusual sculptural clocks based on hotrods, VW vans and classic muscle cars.
There is also a great selection of original paintings of retro autos all by the talanted Julien Hatswell.


The unique Chet Zar has a new selection of Canvas Giclee prints on his store from $115.
There are also sculptural pieces and the odd piece of jewellery by the master dark character designer.
If you want something a little more expensive, there are still some amazing original pieces available from his solo show at Last rights gallery.