Jan 7 2009

London Dunny toys launch show……………

Ok I have just booked tickets for a flying visit to London.
Not been since 2005 if you can believe that..

I will be there just 24 hours for a release party for a new “Dunny” toy range I have a couple of designs in (Including a Rupture piece and a Greenman….pics coming real soon).

The do is in the “Wonder room” at Selfridges on Oxford street (Bond Street end if i recall correctly) on Thursday 22nd Jan from 5pm to about 8pm ish I believe…
Its open to the public and the area that is being set up for the show by Kidrobot (the New York company running the gig), will stay up for about a month..

So come on down and join in the shinanigans, meet lots of artists, look at the art and the toys, maybe buy something, maybe get some freebies.

There are whispers of an afterparty and I know Kidrobot do like to throw big flash events so who knows what they have planned… Not me for sure..