Jul 26 2021

Obadiah Marsh -Abhorrent Piscine Denizen of the Deep-

Today I have for your consideration the most complex custom art toy edition I have ever undertaken. 
Over two years of development and creation went into this series. Combining original vinyl toys with hand sculpted, hand cast and hand painted resin and metal parts. To create these high end art multiples for discerning collectors everywhere.

Obadiah Marsh
-Abhorrent Piscine Denizen of the Deep-
A tailor by trade, Obadiah found he had an affinity with the sea.
His small personal fortune was spent on many small alterations which over time helped him move with greater ease though the oceans of the world.
His new styling and tedious obsession however made him unpopular at dinner parties and he soon found himself without friends.
He found new friends at the travelling circus and decided to join their ranks.

An edition of 10 customised Koibito toys originally designed by Yoskay Yamamoto and produced by Munky King.
Vinyl toy with cast polyurethane parts, real metal winding key and gemstone tie-pin.
6″ tall. With limited articulation. Based on an original custom art toy from 2009.
Each figure is hand assembled, finished and painted by Doktor A.

There is a very limited edition of only 10 pieces in this emerald green version. 
Each is signed, dated and numbered under the tail.

Each figure comes packaged in a foam lined presentation box with a signed certificate of authenticity.

To be released on Doktor A’s online store (mechtorians.bigcartel.com) at 6pm (UK time) on Friday the 30th of July.
Each figure is £350.

Obadiah Marsh a Mechtorian toy custom of the Munkyking Koibito figure by Doktor A.
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