Jul 7 2012

That’s Pac GENTLEMAN to you sir!

The Pac Gentleman “10 Doh” blindboxed mini figure, new from Squid Kids Ink..

Launching at San Diego Comic Con 2012..

Jul 6 2012

Solo Show

Jul 6 2012

Joshua Axelrod

Mr. Joshua Axelrod…

Vinyl, Polyurethane, Rubber, Glass, ABS, Lead, Copper, Vintage key. (In a glass and wood 7″ tall display dome.)
Figure size 3.5″ Wide x 4.5″ Tall

Created for the “Morphous” group show at Rivet

Jul 2 2012

Ed Geers Badge 2..

Mechtorian Enamel badge of the month number 10 will go on slae on Thursday July 5th.
This time it is an antiqued Copper version of Ed Geers, with blood red eyes and deep red details.

Each badge is 1″ across and is in an edition of 150 pieces (each number is engraved on the rear of the badge.)

Comes carded and bagged.

£6 ($10) each.