Jul 6 2012

Joshua Axelrod

Mr. Joshua Axelrod…

Vinyl, Polyurethane, Rubber, Glass, ABS, Lead, Copper, Vintage key. (In a glass and wood 7″ tall display dome.)
Figure size 3.5″ Wide x 4.5″ Tall

Created for the “Morphous” group show at Rivet

Jan 15 2011

Original works available

People email me asking if I have any original works for sale.
If I do have any they will be on my webstore.

However there are various pieces dotted around galleries and stores in the USA. Here is a quick roundup for you.

Freak Show
Acrylic on wood panel with custom made frame.
Framed: 23 inches x 31 inches
Available from Lift in Detroit.

Sir Shilling Copperpenny
Original Ink Drawing
Caligraphic ink on very heavy watercolour paper.
matted and framed
Available from Cardboard Spaceship
Santa Cruz, CA USA

Pickman Company’s Wondrous Mechanical Abhorrence

Customised “Think up” vinyl toy.
About 24″ tall.
$1200  (UPDATE – NOW SOLD)
Available from Gallery 1988 Venice.
This piece was at their San Francisco venue which has recently moved to Venice CA. Not on their website yet. Contact them directly if you are interested in purchasing.
214 Pier Avenue
Santa Monica, CA 90405
Phone: (424) 238-5988



Acrylic on wood.
In an antiqued resin frame.
Frame 6″ x 8″
Image 3.25″ x 5.25″

Acrylic on wood.
In an antiqued resin frame.
Frame 6″ x 8″
Image 3.25″ x 5.25″

Both available from Wootini

Oct 6 2008

Noxious Fumes……….

The webpage for the Gasmask themed show I have a piece in is now live to view here : rivetart.com/rt
Check out all the splendid works and be amazed..
(You could even buy one too if you wanted…)

Jun 16 2008

Some show coverage.

There has been a bit of coverage of my Retropolis show popping up in Blog land.
Take a look :

Pics of the gallery :


From : Tomopop.com

It’s a very warm day here in Columbus, OH today, but if you happen to walk inside Rivet Vinyl Art gallery and catch a glimpse of their featured exhibit, “Welcome to Retropolis,” you may very well be able to cool down just a little bit.

Right on the heels of their impressive Labbit gallery, the new exhibit, which is home to steampunk artwork and customs by UK steampunk artist Doktor A, runs until the end of June.  The good Doktor has over thirty different unique pieces on display, all of which are available for sale through the Rivet homepage.  You can also view the show via the store’s ustream page.

The enigmatic Doktor has created an extremely incredible world, and each character that inhabits it has a fully fleshed out and wonderfully enchanting back-story.  From the cheery Barton Von Basch and his aerial troubadours, to the retired Colonel Rombus, who is still waiting to lead the armies of Retropolis to war, each and every citizen of this stylized world is unique and charming.

Also on display were some of the Dok’s custom works, all of which are just as creative and stylized as the paintings and drawings they’re based on.  Looking at them in person I half-expected to see them come to life and start to mingle with all the people in attendance.  I would love to see this world and the people that live within it fleshed out into a movie or TV show.

The show runs until June 30th, and plenty of the works are still available for sale.  Take a peek at the gallery to see what you’re missing out on, and if you happen to be in Columbus this month, be sure to stop by and check it out for yourself.   I guarantee you it’s a trip you won’t regret.


From :Toys R Evil

Doktor A’s solo-show WELCOME TO RETROPOLIS launched over the weekend on the 7th and Rivet Gallery has his paintings, artworks, sculptures and customed toys viewable online now – which frankly had me speechless – especially the sculpts and custom-work – CLICK THRU for some of my select (mirrored) favs 🙂

The exhibit runs thru June 30th and I can only but imagine seeing it up close and personal (I’ve said it before and I’ll said it again and again and again LOL).

Do contact laura [at] rivetgallery.com if you have interest in any of the remaining pieces … Meanwhile, the good Doktor is interviewed on Vinyl Requiem (oh man, I remember interviewing Dok in ’06 tho – seems like a lifetime ago :p) – and I’ve never stopped loving his work … say anymore and this post’ll read like a blooming lurve-letter, innit? *le-gush*


Jun 8 2008

Show pieces

For anyone who cant wait for the show page to go public later today.
Here is the preview link.

Link: http://rivetart.com/shows/2008/preview/6.jsp

Username: burlap
Password: hgwells

May 10 2008

Welcome to Retropolis


Incoming Solo show…………
A primer to the world of the Mechtorians.
Paintings, Drawings, Sculptures and custom toys.

Drop me a line if you want to get on the previews list.
anyone on the list for a previous show will be on this list already.


Mar 1 2008


I have work in two shows soon..

“This Time It’s Personal”
at Rivet Gallery in Columbus Ohio, USA
Opens March 1st to the 16th

Collectors show their art stash.

(Exhibition only, though I do have other works available for sale at this gallery..)

at Cafe Pause Tokyo, Japan
Opens March 17th to the 23rd.
Group show of Paper Speakerdog toys.
Every Speakerdog ever designed will be in the show. All 5 series.
And if you havnt guessed yet Doktor A is in the brand new series 5 due for release to the public on March 3rd from :

Jan 4 2008

Mono Kaniza available to buy NOW

My Kaniza Cloth Head toy MONO VERSION is now available from my website store.


So now you can get him direct from me or from Rivet in the USA.
The ones from me are signed on the underside of the foot.

Edition of 500 only. Selling fast! (I only have a limited supply of these in the UK)

The regular edition is also available from my store at a cheaper rate



Nov 26 2007

Faun and Mandrake Or Project Fanboy

A friend of mine who runs the splendid Rivet gallery in Ohio ( http://www.rivetgallery.com ) had a stand at the Mid Ohio Con this past weekend and at my behest presented Mr. Doug Jones with one of my Mandrake prints..

As some of you may know I can be quite the frothing Fanboy when it comes to really splendid fantasy and horror works.

Mr. Jones is the fellow under the make-up as the Faun and Pale man in Pan’s Labyrinth. He is also Abe Sapien in Hellboy. And the Silver Surfer. And the lead Gentleman in Hush. And the clown in Batman Returns and the list goes on.. Thus he has appeared in many filmes I enjoy a lot..
And in some small way i wanted to say thank you..