Faun and Mandrake Or Project Fanboy

A friend of mine who runs the splendid Rivet gallery in Ohio ( http://www.rivetgallery.com ) had a stand at the Mid Ohio Con this past weekend and at my behest presented Mr. Doug Jones with one of my Mandrake prints..

As some of you may know I can be quite the frothing Fanboy when it comes to really splendid fantasy and horror works.

Mr. Jones is the fellow under the make-up as the Faun and Pale man in Pan’s Labyrinth. He is also Abe Sapien in Hellboy. And the Silver Surfer. And the lead Gentleman in Hush. And the clown in Batman Returns and the list goes on.. Thus he has appeared in many filmes I enjoy a lot..
And in some small way i wanted to say thank you..