I have work in two shows soon..

“This Time It’s Personal”
at Rivet Gallery in Columbus Ohio, USA
Opens March 1st to the 16th

Collectors show their art stash.

(Exhibition only, though I do have other works available for sale at this gallery..)

at Cafe Pause Tokyo, Japan
Opens March 17th to the 23rd.
Group show of Paper Speakerdog toys.
Every Speakerdog ever designed will be in the show. All 5 series.
And if you havnt guessed yet Doktor A is in the brand new series 5 due for release to the public on March 3rd from :

3 Responses to “Shows..”

  • daft Says:

    Hello hello! I hope this is not an inappropriate place to ask this, but I put together my lovely little Colonel Rombus Speakerdog earlier today (He’s amazing!) and really could not for the life of me get the fez to come together. Is it just me? I generally am pretty savvy with this sort of thing, but it just wont work 🙁
    Colonel Rombus wants his hat!

    • doktor_a Says:

      I have had a couple of people say this.
      I need to go and download what they have up on Speakerdog and see whats going on..
      I have a nasty suspition it may be an earlier draft of the piece which acidentally got sent and used..

      The fez should be larger at the base and smaller at the top.The wraparound sides should just overlap as much as you need them.

      I will go investigate..

      • daft Says:

        It’s funny, but right after I posted this, I figured out what the problem is. I had the exact same geometry issue with an Architecture studio project last semester 😛
        Basically, the image they have posted show the “walls” of the fez with straight, parallel lines. To make it in to the proper truncated cone shape, those lines should be curved inward towards the fez-top, a la this explanation.