Jun 2 2015

Turn it up to 11



Rockabella Delarole
Metal head! And metal body for that matter.. Built to Rock.. But you wouldn’t want her to stage-dive…

Another Bella Delamere custom piece..
With a microphone behind her back. Steel spikes, Stage, amps and booze bottle.

RockBellaRightFullLorez RockBellaMikeLorez RockBellaFullLorez RockBellaFrontFullLorez RockBellaFaceFrontRightLorez RockBellaFaceFrontLorezRockBellaBackFullLorez


RockBellaStackRightLorez RockBellaStackLeftLorez RockBellaStackFrontLorez RockBellaStackBackLorez

Jun 1 2015

Bella Luna


My latest custom toy : “Bella Luna”
I always felt Bella DeLaMere had a bit of a 50’s/60’s vibe to her, maybe its the slightly “Beehive” hair-do.
So remodelled her into a 1950’s space girl.
Reworked her “hair” to fit the bubble helmet..
Resculpted the “feet” to hug the metal dome moon base.
Sculpted a whole new hand and raygun..
Added the backpack and airline, some details and an unusually clean paintjob for me..

BellaLunaFrontRightFullLorez BellaLunaFrontLeftFullLorez BellaLunaFaceRightLorez BellaLunaFaceFrontLorez BellaLunaFaceBackLorez BellaLunaFaceBackLleftLorez BellaLunaBackLeftFullLorez BellaLunaBackFullLorez BellaLunaRightFullLorez BellaLunaRaygunLorezBellaLunaFaceFrontRightLorez

Jan 28 2015

Bella SALE !


It’s carnage over at my Online Store RIGHT NOW.
In order to make way for the incoming final Bella DelaMere edition, the previous versions prices have been SLASHED!
They are all ON SALE.
All prices CUT!

If you have been thinking about picking up one of these lovelies then now is the time to act.. ( And dont forget the Ello money off code too…)


Oct 16 2014

Get Haunted!


Bella DelaMere the “Dead of Night” edition.
This heinous huntress for the haunting season brings a splash of horror to your Halloween.
Wielding a jagged blade and ill intent the mechanical masked malefactor is out for blood.
Decked in shades of pitch and gloom and randomly bespattered with arterial colour, young Bella has been up to no good in the deadliest of ways.

Limited to only 175 pieces Bella will launch at 11.59pm on the 30th of October (UK time).
So kick your Halloween off the right way by picking up the penultimate incarnation of this retrobotic, be-tentacled beauty.

Available from the Arts Unknown web-store for £65.
Signed and numbered “APs” available from Doktor A’s webstore for £80 (only 25 available)

8″ tall rotocast vinyl art multiple figurine.
Each piece is randomly spattered with red gore, making each piece individual.
Comes in presentation box with formed protective inlay.


Jun 15 2014

Unwound Automaton

The latest edition of my popular Bella DelaMere figure has arrived at my studio and is now available to purchase from my online store.



Rich browns, Ebony black and gold detailing.

A finely crafted wooden vibe permeates this edition of the popular Bella figure. Also eliciting images of exotic Nubian mysteries or simply rich chocolate wonder.
Behind her back she grasps a golden sickle.


AutoBellaCloseLorez AutoBellaBackLorez

Apr 16 2014

New Bella DeLaMere available



The “The Faded Daguerreotype” colorway is a vintage monotone delight in shades of Sepia with delicate printed details.
The full run is limited to 175 pieces.
With 25 signed and numbered “AP” pieces available now direct from the good Doktor’s online store.



Discarded with the sump oil at a very early age, Bella was swept downstream until she found herself by the sea. She soon made friends with all forms of aquatic creatures and was taken in and raised by a family of Kraken (the smaller lesser spotted variety). Upon reaching adulthood she returned to the surface and emerged into society, remodelled after her adoptive kin folk. The tentacles do not raise many comments around town. But her insistence on always waring a mask certainly does. Much speculation is whispered about her true identity. And one day she will reveal her secret to the father who left her for dead…

bella_side2_C05_600px_ bella_side_C05_600px_ bella_rear_C05_600px_


Oct 29 2013

Amelia Incantatum for Halloween



Well met by moonlight, miss Amelia Incactatum.
The second customised, one of a kind Bella DeLaMere Witch figures for my Halloween online release.

Recently graduated from the Yorkshire school of witchcraft Miss Amelia Incantatum is the latest spellcaster in a family who can trace their blood line back to the neolithic period. Though extremely proficient with potions and charms, her shape shifting skills are not so developed. She has been stuck with her tentacles since a badly researched transmogrification experiment during her last summer break…

Standing 9″ tall (without her base) this customised vinyl figure features a stylishly wicked hat, bunch of metal keys, spell scroll, jar of glowing magical particles and “crystal” wand. She stands on a turned wooden base topped with and etched and weathered magical circle sigil.

Amelia will be available for purchase direct from my online store on Halloween.

AmeliaIncantatumWandLorez AmeliaIncantatumTorsoFRLorez AmeliaIncantatumRightLorez AmeliaIncantatumPromoLorez AmeliaIncantatumLeftLorez AmeliaIncantatumFrontLeftLorez AmeliaIncantatumBaseLorez AmeliaIncantatumBackLorez


Oct 29 2013

Hedge Witch for Halloween



Bid welcome to The Hedge Witch.
A customised, one of a kind Bella DeLaMere figure for Halloween.

The Hedge Witch is a solitary earth spirit who inhabits the forests of the old world. Embodying the facets of nature in her very form. The seasons of death and regrowth moving though her.

The 10 inch tall figure features a highly textured form, gold leaf embellished sickle (for the ritual harvesting of mistletoe), a spell scroll, antlers and miniature Pumpkins. She comes on a vintage wooden base.

Hedge Witch will be available for purchase direct from my online store on Halloween.


HedgeWitchTurnRightLorez HedgeWitchTurnLeftLorez HedgeWitchSickleLorez HedgeWitchLeftLorez HedgeWitchBackLorez HedgeWitchBackRightLorez HedgeWitchFaceLeftLorez HedgeWitchFaceRightLorez


May 17 2013

A Midnight Tryst…….



The forth colourway of Bella DeLaMere is upon us.

The Midnight Tryst edition, in deep blue, pitch black and starry silver is available to pre-order now from Collect and Display who have her as their store exclusive.. ( 150 pieces available.)

She is also available now as a pre-order for Arts Unknown club members only direct from the Arts Unknown website.. (100 pieces available).


BellaMidnightBack BellaMidnightSide


May 2 2012

The curse of Bella

Arts Unknown and myself have become convinced of the existence of the “Curse of Bella”.
Some toy projects run as smooth as clockwork. Some do not. This one is one of the latter..
Bella has resisted creation every step of the way. But after several abandoned digital sculpting attempts and two physical sculpting attempts we finally have a locked down final prototype which is capable of being manufactured..

I am sorry so many of you have had to wait so long to meet her, but she is moving forward now at speed.
Along the way everything that could go wrong, has gone wrong.. The highlight (or lowlight of which) was the flooding of one of the sculptor’s studios, Bella wanting to escape to the sea no doubt..
It’s been a baptism of fire for Arts Unknown as this was one of their first projects. But they stuck by it and like myself decided to do it right or not do it at all.
And now she is looking better than ever. With improved, re-tooled weapons and a secret tucked away somewhere.
She is, quite literally, a killer…