Vinyl Pulse

There is a little titbit of Doktor A news over on the splendid Vinyl Pulse website today.

This site is at the cutting edge of art-toy industry news…
It’s a good place which is updated pretty much every day.

BTW there are still a couple of the first PODLING toys left for sale.
here :
(Prices INCLUDE post and packing)…….

6 Responses to “Vinyl Pulse”

  • red_mel Says:

    Sooo cute I wanna lizard!!

  • juggalo2012 Says:

    I steped into a Tower Records not to far from where I am and I saw a display case and it held QEES! I stopped and was like NO way! Qees have Landed in Los angeles that is so cool! im like thanks to Doctor A. I know what they are! they had a few, and of course the tower records 8″ knuckle bears along with deaddy teddy, black cat, barcode bear, and there were other vinyl toys as well.

    oh I like your podlings btw, great stuff!

    • doktor_a Says:

      Ah Qees are taking over the world…….
      Voltaire’s are pretty cool…!

      • juggalo2012 Says:


        Mcfarlane!!! Thought your designe was too gross!!!??? are you kidding! Ive seen quite a few of thier toys and they are not at all far from gross! gross is great in my eyes.

        I gotta tell you doc im feeling inspiration in my vaines again! right now im that community college locked up artist a bit frustrated but my shackels will soon be off! hopefully haha.

        • doktor_a Says:

          Yeah Voltaire’s… The Deady Teddy Knuckles… and Qees..

          Yup That McFarlane. See I had come up with this Vampire toy range. The bodies of the figures were transparent with internal organ voids… And you filled one figure with red liquid so you could see the internals and then another one could suck the liquid out and into itself… Built working prototypes and everything….. No go… That was about 10 years ago though…..