Nov 19 2011

L.A. Trip part 2

A week ago I got back from L.A.
Other than Designer Con and Toy Break I spent a couple of days catching up with friends and seeing some of the sights.

Spectral Motion

My uber talented friend Neil Winn was able to arrange a little trip to Spectral Motion, a creature effects studio who he works with sometimes. So he, I and other multi talented friend George Gaspar Paid a short visit.
Spectral Motion have done some of my favorite creature character work in recent years so it was an exciting place to look around for me.

We were not allowed to look around the whole facility due to secret “Pacific Rim” work taking place in some of the workshops, but I did get to see their foyer and the machine shop. The foyer is a mini museum of films they have worked on. The first thing that greets you is the full sized Sammael from Hellboy. This thing is HUGE. The photos done really show its scale. But my respect for Brian Steel has gone up massively since seeing it. To ware a suit that bulky for any length of time, let alone perform in it is a truly awesome feat.

Hellboy Mecha Glove and Neil WinnThis is me and Neil with the portal opening glove which Rasputin uses at the start of Hellboy. It is a stunning piece of work. Up close you can see all sorts of mechanical and surreal gizmos which never read on the screen. For example :


Some of the glass vials have mummified frogs in them. And there is a scorpion under a mechanised hatch on the back of the hand.. You cant see these details from a couple of feet away let alone in the movie.

Hellboy Mecha glove
Note the swastika on the gauge!

Also from Hellboy they had on show maquettes of Behemoth and the Ogdru Jahad and the animated Russian corpse. Astonishing works all.

spectral motion

hellboy movie corpse puppet

In the Machine shop we were greeted by some familiar faces.
spectral motion studio

Johann, Mr. Wink and the Angel of Death from Hellboy II stand upon a shelf overlooking the large very well equipped room. The detail in these figures was stunning and the physicality of them was very visceral. They really are like people not things such is the level of craftsmanship employed in their design and production. It’s hard to explain what meeting these beings in the flesh is like over seeing them in photos or in the films.

Angel of Death Hellboy 2

The grass wolf creature in the middle is from “Lady in the Water”. Not a film I am familiar with but since the trip one I want to see as soon as possible.

We were also treated to an impromptu demonstration of some amazing anamatronic pieces and had a poke about a preternaturally clean foam casting room. The whole place was amazing and I envied the people who get to work their magic there. Everyone was extreamly friendly and went out of their way to show this pasty faced English no-body a splendid time.

George and Neil with the Angel of Death.

Oh and if you haven’t seen “Don’t be afraid of the dark” yet.. Close your eyes now…….

tooth fairy

After the Spectral Motion visit we drove out to the home and studio of a favourite artist of mine.

Chet Zar

Chet Zar has been at the top of my favourite artist list since the moment I first discovered his work. His creature designs are among the most unique and inspired creations ever rendered. His paintings are masterful and his sculptural work is then best in the business. I was a little nervous about meeting him.
But as is always the way with awesome artists (in my experience anyway) he is the most wonderful, grounded and easy going fellow you could wish to meet.
We got some splendid pizza in a little place by his studio and talked about the art scene, tattoo conventions and general this and that. He was kind enough to add a sketch to my compendium of monsters (along side Neil’s ) and we planned a little project for next year.

His studio was a delightful tangle of creative chaos. Piles of old projects and part finished sculpts and a large current piece which had amusingly been partially eaten by his dog during the night… It was great to see some of his larger paintings and some truly wonderful works by his immensely talented father.
I am lucky enough to own a couple of small painting by Chet, but had never seen any of his larger pieces.

It was a very pleasant end to my short American adventure.

After dropping Chet off we headed out to the airport for my not so short flight back to rainy Blighty.

Jan 7 2011


Here he is. Thing as put through my perception filter.

If you are interested in purchasing this piece please contact the Wootini Gallery.
He is part of the Addams Family show running there for the next few weeks.

About 7″ tall minus the box base.
Rubberwood, Lead, Brass, Copper, Steel, Found Objects.

I also have two small paintings in the same show.

Acrylic on wood.
In an antiqued resin frame.
Frame 6″ x 8″
Image 3.25″ x 5.25″

Acrylic on wood.
In an antiqued resin frame.
Frame 6″ x 8″
Image 3.25″ x 5.25″

Jan 1 2011

Solo Show

April 2011 sees the first Doktor A solo show in his home country.
An exhibition of retrobotic whimsy as only the good Doktor can deliver.

At Ik’sentrik, 3 George Street, Bath
1st – 30th April.

Opening night details to follow.

Dec 23 2010

Addams Family show……


“They’re creepy and they’re kooky, mysterious and spooky. They’re all together ooky, the Addams Family!”
Doktor A has reimagined a character from the works of Charles Addams for a group art show in January.

What: The Addams Family Show

When: Opening reception Jan. 7th @ 7pm, show runs until the 31st of Jan.

Where: Wootini Gallery, 101 Lloyd Street, Carrboro, NC 27510

Dec 2 2010

Circus Posterus Winter Sale

The Circus Posterus Winter sale preview is now online.
Pop over to pick up custom toys, one off test resins, original paintings and drawings by members of the Circus Posterus collective.

I have a couple of small original Acrylic paintings amongst all that great stuff.
Other artists include :
Kathie Olivas
Brandt Peters
Travis Louie
Chris Ryniak

Apr 11 2010

Weekend outing

Last weekend myself and my little family went on a trip down to Canterbury to spend a splendid few days with Julien and Laura, some friends of ours.
Julien is one of those immensely talented artists who simply not enough people know about!
His technical ability with oil paint is outrageous and his choice of subject matter is diverse and surreal.

He has shown all over the UK but not managed to get a foothold in the USA for some reason.
I suggest some of you gallery owners out there invite him into a few of your joint shows soon and see the pieces fly off the walls.

I took a few snaps of his latest series of works whilst I was there.

I do apologise for the low quality of the photos and the iffy reflections. I am sure poor Julien will be shaking his head in disgust at the terrible repros.. (Though to be honest I don’t think any photo can really capture the vibrancy and translucent element of his work.)

Sorry I am not sure what this series is called. But they all have elements of classic hotrod cars, Atomic blasts and Outer Limits characters…





And here are a couple of paintings from last year. His Mechanamorphism series.



And a detail from that last one..


Julien has a couple of pieces in the upcoming  show “Society of Art of Imagination” at La Galleria, Pall Mall, 30 Royal Opera Arcade, London SW1,
from the 19th-24th April. (Nearest tube – Charring Cross/Piccadilly Circus.)

You can see more of his amazing work (and of course buy stuff direct from him) on his website : Baroque Designs

Jan 3 2010

New Skate Decks

The first new products of this spanky new year.

Four new Skate Decks for you to ride or hang.

BoschDeckLorez FreakShowDeckLorez
MechHeartDeckLorez PumfryDeckLorez

All online and ready to go now here :

Mar 16 2009

March update……..

March already? Where is the year going?

-Mechtorians Competition-
To celebrate the release of the Mechtorians Series 1 mini-figures, MINDstyle and Doktor A have teamed with Vinyl Pulse to bring you a special Mechtorians Photo Competition. The winning entry will receive Doktor A’s hand-done custom Stephan PioneersPodd (9″). A Wild Wild West incarnation of the intrepid adventurer.
To enter, shoot a creative photo (scary, funny, or just plain awesome) starring one or more Mechtorian figures (series1 and/or the 9″ Stephan Le Podd). Then submit the photo to the Mechtorians Photo Competition gallery by the deadline which is Monday, April 6th 2009 @ 8 PM PDT.
Follow the link for all the info and pictures of the prize.

Doktor A x MINDstyle – Mechtorians Photo Competition

-Transcenders Show-
Gallery 1988 ( ) in LA currently hosts a five man show featuring the works of Jason D’aquino, Scott Schindly, Jason Limon, Michael Page and Doktor A.
All the Doktor’s pieces ( a selection of 2D and 3D works) are all related to the Phenomonological Engines of Blavatski & Sons.
Some pieces are still available for purchase.
The show runs until the 27th March.
If you cant make it to the gallery in person you can see all the works online here:
And there is some nice coverage of the opening night show here:

Openings: Transcenders @ Gallery 1988 LA

All the show pieces have also now been added to
Gallery 1988 L.A.
7020 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles
CA 90038

-New Online Store-
A new central sales hub for all things Doktor A is now online and ready for you perusal and patronage.
This new store will be the one stop shop for all toys, prints, original artworks and other surprises from now on. New works will be added on a regular basis so drop in now and again to keep up to date. There is already a good selection of items available and the new Mechtorians mini figures will also be listed there soon.
Don’t go to the secondary market! Buy direct from the artist. All goods can be signed or personalised on request.

-Idiot Box Show-
Gallery 1988 in LA celebrate their 5 year anniversary with a huge group show inspired by really good really bad TV shows. 100 artists share their guilty pleasure television favorites from April 2nd to 23rd.
Opening reception is on Thursday 2nd 7 to 11pm. With all works viewable online around that time.
Doktor A has created three paintings for the show in homage to the classic 1960’s shows Lost in Space and The Addams Family.
Gallery 1988 L.A.
7020 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles
CA 90038

That’s all for this month.
Thanks for your continued support.

Nov 14 2007

Letter From the Front

The journey of life, the interpretation of love unrequited, hope gained, hope lost. Happiness, longing, soul-searching…
Seeing the world through a child’s eyes….
Life…one chance at it, how will you choose to live?
This exciting group show will feature artists manifesting into visuals what words sometimes fail to convey. Glimpses of each artists’ own life stories are told through the magic of paper, canvas, paint, vinyl, and more….

SADLY BEAUTIFUL is being curated by Ally Takeuchi-Cipriani, and dedicated to the loving memory of ava jaymes cipriani & wesley groenewoud (better known as LIV3R)

it will feature original art on paper, vinyl, canvas, etc. items will be priced starting at $10.00, and there will be a special preview the day before the show for those who cannot attend.
The show opens on saturday, december 8th at black maria gallery in los angeles
live painting, sketching, drinks, & music by nick the ring!

featuring art by:

brent nolasco, motorbot, adrian pina, ryan crippen, bwana spoons, jon measures, phuek!, jovanne santos, lynette may, david wagner, squidnik, jennyfur, edzepln, jason jacenko, doktor a, peenloon, drilone, lou pimentel, randy kono, mr. atom, dawn lauckner, rhinomilk, jennybird, david epochalypse, marion hawkes, blinky, julie b, nathan lumm, benedict sisters, jet wrench, jenna colby, mark meyers, paul candler, renee lawter, shiro fujioka, coreroc, kid lew, lionel uhry, leecifer, nick the ring, henry lichtmann, jester, podgy panda, katherine wilson, deeann morales, agg, anna, manimal, scott cummins, bucky lastard, monica campbell, and many more….

Here is my piece for the show.

“A Letter From the Front” Painted on Remembrance day 2007.
Acrylic on wood (from the back of an old wardrobe) 4.5″ x 4.5″ (Image size.)
In an antiqued pressed Brass frame. The graphite study for the painting will also be available.

Apr 28 2007

Upcoming art show


Cereal Killers
Reception: June 9th 4pm – 8pm (runs till 20th)

Monkeyhouse Toys & art gallery
1618 1/2 silverlake blvd.
L.a.,Ca 90026

There is a sneek of my painting on that flier… can you spot it?