Letter From the Front

The journey of life, the interpretation of love unrequited, hope gained, hope lost. Happiness, longing, soul-searching…
Seeing the world through a child’s eyes….
Life…one chance at it, how will you choose to live?
This exciting group show will feature artists manifesting into visuals what words sometimes fail to convey. Glimpses of each artists’ own life stories are told through the magic of paper, canvas, paint, vinyl, and more….

SADLY BEAUTIFUL is being curated by Ally Takeuchi-Cipriani, and dedicated to the loving memory of ava jaymes cipriani & wesley groenewoud (better known as LIV3R)

it will feature original art on paper, vinyl, canvas, etc. items will be priced starting at $10.00, and there will be a special preview the day before the show for those who cannot attend.
The show opens on saturday, december 8th at black maria gallery in los angeles
live painting, sketching, drinks, & music by nick the ring!

featuring art by:

brent nolasco, motorbot, adrian pina, ryan crippen, bwana spoons, jon measures, phuek!, jovanne santos, lynette may, david wagner, squidnik, jennyfur, edzepln, jason jacenko, doktor a, peenloon, drilone, lou pimentel, randy kono, mr. atom, dawn lauckner, rhinomilk, jennybird, david epochalypse, marion hawkes, blinky, julie b, nathan lumm, benedict sisters, jet wrench, jenna colby, mark meyers, paul candler, renee lawter, shiro fujioka, coreroc, kid lew, lionel uhry, leecifer, nick the ring, henry lichtmann, jester, podgy panda, katherine wilson, deeann morales, agg, anna, manimal, scott cummins, bucky lastard, monica campbell, and many more….

Here is my piece for the show.

“A Letter From the Front” Painted on Remembrance day 2007.
Acrylic on wood (from the back of an old wardrobe) 4.5″ x 4.5″ (Image size.)
In an antiqued pressed Brass frame. The graphite study for the painting will also be available.