Spookypop Overhaul is now LIVE

After a week of intensive mouse pushing and tantrums the new improved Spookypop is online.
Take a moment to peruse its curvy blue delights.
There are lots of new things to look at and a whole bunch more old things to look at in the archive section, which will be added to at fairly regular intervals.
Please feel free to let me know your thoughts on this extensive overhaul….

15 Responses to “Spookypop Overhaul is now LIVE”

  • 0equals1 Says:

    I just tried checking out the site & it seems that the dimentions are a little on the large size… It might just be me, but the right side of each screen didn’t quite fit onto my monitor. Most strange
    Still, liking what I’ve seen so far very much 🙂

  • lee_chaos Says:

    Awe-inspiring, as ever.

    Mind if I plunder an image or two for Judder posters if I make sure there’s lots of mention of the spookypop URL?

    • doktor_a Says:

      Oh go on then…. I do get regular hits from the Judda site…

      Thank you..

      • lee_chaos Says:

        No no, thank *you*! 😀

        if you make it to Cheltenham, expect to see your images (and respective URL) slattered on crumbling buildings and in less salubrious veues around town…

        • doktor_a Says:

          Get some “Urban Decay” stylee photos for me wontcha!

          • lee_chaos Says:

            Sure thing – there’s a wall that’s got about 9 months of Judder posters (including the infamous toga party one) that’s starting to peel off in that sexy way…

            Although Cheltenham is going through an urban renewal phase with an almost religious fervour and many of our prime ‘information’ sites are being razed to the ground to make way for ‘luxury apartments’…

  • luvcraft Says:

    Yay more stuff!

    I dig the tarot cards lots. Is the set complete?

    • doktor_a Says:

      It’s about 6 cards off a full set. Though I did it about 3 years ago and a lot of it makes me cringe now.. To be honest a lot of the stuff in the archive section makes me shudder somewhat…. But it’s there for posperity…

  • juggalo2012 Says:


    really like the layout its soft on the eye, smooth and cutting edge!

  • cyberkitten01 Says:

    It’s awesome. I especially love the 3D scupltures, you’re a very talented toymaker 🙂 I can understand the cringing at the older stuff, I cring looking at my webcomic from just 6 months ago. But still, the tarot stuff is very striking and very purdy, so I’m glad you put it and other stuff up ^-^