Weatherspoon’s Day Spa



Once part of a larger factory building the original wave of Mechtorians, Mr. Weatherspoon was the first to see the sense in offering a new sort of service to the growing population. His establishment caters for the wealthier members of society who want a bit of a brush up and a re-fresh. His team of professional craftsmen can offer a wide range of upgrades or refurbishments to suit any need or desire. From simple lube job to relieve those little twinges to a total body remodel to meet the needs of ever changing fashions. Fast, discreet and hygienic.



ABS, Vinyl, Epoxy, Brass, Lead, Rubber, Paper, Found Objects. In a Vintage wooden miniature building.

A 360 degree viewable “Playset” containing one main figure and seven smaller characters which can be placed around the structure.
13″ wide by 36″ tall.



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