Green Sunday

This Sunday the 5th of February sees the first of the Enamelled Bella DeLamere Mechtorian badges go on sale on my online store.

And the same day will see the release of the Humphrey Mooncalf Leprechaun edition APs too.


So that’s two great reasons to put a few minutes aside to drop by the Mechtorian Online¬†shop this Sunday.

2 Responses to “Green Sunday”

  • MikeG Says:

    Just got my Bella badge! It looks great and I like the # on the back, but I was really bummed to not get a signed card!

    • Doktor A Says:

      Pleased you like her Mike. Signing 400 of the first set took so long.. If they didnt caome un bags from the factory it would have been fine but unbagging (without ripping) and then rebagging all of them was a horrid job.. So no signing from now on unless you bring one to a show of course..