Mar 26 2011

Toys Help Us (Aid for Japan)

The Awesome Shinji of Tomenosuke in Japan has organised the “Toys Help Us” project to raise money for the troubled people of Japan.

Artists from around the globe have submitted rare or special toys to be sold to raise funds.
Check out the details here :  Toys Help us (you will need an online translator as its in Japanese.)
I have put up one of a kind factory paint sample of my Stephan LePodd toy.

It was a test at a colourway which was abandoned. His eye rims are white and parts of his boiler have a nice metallic blue tone.
His eyes and cravat are emerald green.
This is the only one of its kind in the world.

Contact Shinji if you are interested in the piece. And keep an eye on his blog to see all the splendid stuff from all the great artists who have donated.