Apr 24 2023


The Tinkerer. Mechtorian Big Nog custom by Doktor A (Bruce Whistlecraft). A Resin Retro Futuristic, Steampunk robot Chicken toy.

April the 29th also sees the opening of the “Nogit Party”group show at Clutter Gallery.

Along with an invited selection of artists from around the world, Doktor A has created a brand new customised version of the Big Nog figure by Creon Chkn.

These 6″ tall resin chickens are brimming with attitude and this show is not to be missed.

The opening reception is from 6-9pm on the 29th. With work remaining on show until the 5th of May.

To sign up for the gallery preview list contact the Clutter Gallery Crew.

“The Tinkerer”
Resin toy, Acrylic, A.B.S, Lead, Paper, Vintage metal clock Key and Tool.
6″ tall.

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Aug 18 2021

Colonel Rombus For Designer Con London

Two unique new painted Colonel Rombus resin figures have been created for Designer Con London.

A red and a green coloured version of the good fellow will both be available from booth 94 at the event.

Cast Polyester resin with glass inset eye and metal winding key.
6″ tall

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Aug 18 2021

Blinky Alsop DCon London Edition

The Blinky Allsop Teal hand-painted edition was created exclusively for Designer Con London.

An industrious and mischievous little fellow.
Blinky is able to turn his hand (or rather his prehensile mustache) to just about anything.
Though he has never really got to grips with Macramé.

Each figure in this super limited edition of only 10 is hand finished and painted by Doktor A.
This polyurethane resin Mechtorian figure stands 2.5″.
And comes with a cast metal winding key.

Each is signed, numbered and dated on the underside.
And comes in a foam lined box.

Available from booth (No.94) at Designer Con London.

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Oct 19 2020

The Mutant & The Fly – Mono Editions

Announcing the release of series 5 in the Copper Creeps resin robot monster collectibles line.

Available in a limited edition, hand painted “Mono” version.
( N.B. This series will NOT be available in the “cold-cast” metallic finishes.)

Introducing two new characters!

Atomic slave race from an alien world : The Mutant!
Mixed up scientist : The Fly!

There are only 10 of each of these solid polyurethane resin, hand painted figures available.
Each are signed, dated and numbered on the underside. They come individually boxed.

The Mutant stands 3.5″ tall.
The Fly is 3″ tall.

The series will be available to purchase from my online store at 6pm (UK time) on Wednesday October the 21st.

Each figure is £100 and comes in a presentation box.

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Apr 2 2019

Toycon Mechtorians now online

All the remaining resin special edition Mechtorian figures from ToyConUK are now available direct from my online store.
Add some retro futurist robots to your collection today.


Hand-made with love, in England.
FREE international shipping!

Mar 26 2019

New Tall Titfers

Tit for tat – Hat.
Get ahead! Get a hat! In this case literally.
In Mechtoria any object from a building to an item of clothing may in fact be a sentient person with their own opinions and desires.
So putting together a harmonious outfit may take on an entirely different meaning.

For ToyCon UK I have created a very limited hand painted edition of just 10 pieces of each of the three Tall Titfer characters.

Each figure comes with a real solid cast metal key.

There is the Black & Silver “Mourning” Topper, Burgundy Red Bowler and Teal Fez.

Each will be only £55.
Any remaining after the show will be offered online.

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Mar 26 2019

New Cymon Clops

Toycon UK 2019 sees the launch of a new edition of the handmade resin Mechtorian figure Cymon Clops.
The 4″ tall figure has an inset glass eye and comes with a real metal winding key.
The edition size for this new Copper and Teal version is only 8 pieces.

Any items remaining after the show will be made available on my online store.

Stamp collector and studier of really tiny things.
He opted for a single eye of superior magnification than two eyes of a lower standard.