Oct 4 2012

M. R. J. Blackwood

Writer of pulp fiction, recluse and misanthrope. Montague weaves lurid tales of horror and dark fantasy for several small press magazines.
He and his growing band of loyal readers consider his mini epics insightful literature. But the critics, such as his nemesis Oscar Lynchworthy pour scorn on his compositions and deride them as trash.
But Blackwood knows he is doing great work and it is simply a matter of time before the world realises his genius.

Vinyl, Polymer clay, Epoxy resin, Rubber, Lead, Glass, Steel, Vintage draughtsman’s tools, Vintage clock key, Paper, Vintage bronze toy typewriter, Vintage book base.
8″ tall. ( 10″ tall on base.)
For the “Postcard from New Yorkshire” solo show at MyPlasticHeart New York.