Mr Pumfrey APs now available



Mr. Pumfrey and his Astounding Mechanised Perambulator.
A new toy designed by Doktor A and crafted by Munky King.

A Behemoth of robotic motion. The perambulator seems to stride on organic looking mechanical tentacles with Mr. Pumfrey perched in his lever, dial and switch crammed control seat. The mechanism’s internal working visible through it’s transparent red eyes.

The “AP”s of this toy are now available direct from Doktor A from his online store.

In a total edition of 100 for this black, gold and red colourway, this is the signed and numbered edition of 15 “APs” ( Artist Proofs or Artist’s Percentage).


Each piece is signed and numbered on the underside of one tentacle in gold acrylic paint. Each Ap also comes with a signed and numbered mini art print of the original ink drawing that inspired the toy (same edition number as the AP). 4.5″ X 5.5″ on heavy archival rag stock. And a full colour promotional postcard.


8″ tall, rotocast static vinyl display figure with removable Pumfrey pilot. Comes in a presentation box with inner clam shell packaging.


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