A first look at Humphrey Mooncalf

Humphrey Mooncalf had a reoccurring problem with his Travithick No. 4 Nano-clockwork brain.
Repeated trips to the watch-smith proved a great success.
The pain held at bay by loosening his cranial rivets.
This however means that he can no longer look up.
Such a shame, as he does so love the moon.

Coming VERY soon from Singapore based Pobber Toys as part of their “Clumsy Monster” range.
Humphry Mooncalf is a rotomolded Mechtorian vinyl figure standing 8″ tall.
He has a removeable cranium and brain as well as a key and articulated neck joint.
Shown above is the “Verdegris” version. One of several different edition which will be available.

More info soon.

One Response to “A first look at Humphrey Mooncalf”

  • Rich Says:

    Doktor A,
    You’ve done it again! What a fantastic idea and design in Mr. Mooncalf! There appears to be no limit to your imagination and ability to create the most amazing characters and figures. Thank you!