More Dunny Goodness

Early experiments into the little understood properties of static electricity resulted in the creation of the “Electro-Aethermetric Consciousness Focusing Helmet”. Intended to harness the latent energy of dreams, the imagination and the subconscious mind.
It was a total failure!
However it did induce in the wearer a sensation not unlike that produced by more than several Pimms and Lemonades. And went on to be a best selling product.

This is the brand new Doktor A Dunny release from the “2tone” series by Kidrobot.

My Artist Proofs will be onsale at my store on Sale Wednesday 6th October at 8pm UK time.

A 3″ tall rotocast articulated vinyl figure. With original box and series leaflet.
Each Dunny is signed and numbered on the underside of its foot.
Edition of 25 “AP”s.