Original Doktor A Furniture for sale

Back when I ran my gallery store I designed and commissioned a handful of pieces of furniture.
I have decided to sell the last piece i have, a bed.


It is constructed of Iron with a laquered Oxidized finish. I designed it and had it made to my specifications.

If you are interested in possibly purchasing it please email me for info

I expect only people in the UK need apply unless you have a heap of pennies to cover shipping as it is really really heavy..

EDIT : Now up on Ebay if you want to see more pics and read the nitty gritty.

2 Responses to “Original Doktor A Furniture for sale”

  • Snydley Winkleperry Says:

    That is absolutely brilliant! If i didn’t have a firmer grasp on my senses, I would have been offering to purchase that frame from you! That and all my excess pennies being tied up in starting the gallery…

  • Neil Says:

    Oh it’s pretty! I am in the process of buying an apartment and would love it unfortunately I don’t have the pennies but I’m sure someone will snap this up sharpish it really is a gem!